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Monday December 7, 2009: The Day in Tubes.

Perhaps this should be called The Month in Tubes;~J No promises, but these made me laugh today.

Have I mentioned that I adore Versusplus? Of course I have, but will never miss an opportunity to say it again. They get me…well the Onion can explain.

Oh NOES!!! Please save us all from being stoked.

Republicans, will you help us now?

LOL. Did any of that make sense to anyone?

Here is another one. Republicans are increasingly bizarre these days. Lies and fear appear to be their only tools in the kit.

They do lurves skeering the old people, don’t they?

And the lies are stupendous.

Really Dana? You do not believe  jobs  have been saved?

So why are we defending these idiots. Headzup


That just made me sad. As does this…

I am not certain what to think. Although I will say that President Obama did support the Afghan war during the election. At this point he is doing most everything he said he would do. I still support his Administration. I do think it is very important to keep the pressure on the President and the Congress. We need Democratic voices heard in Washington more than ever. If we don’t…Jib Jab will demonstrate the consequences of such action.

So, the thought for the day is: Don’t be the cookie and convert another republican today.


  1. sricki

    I’m totally STOKED you wrote a diary. I saw that Onion clip and got stoked just for the hell of it! Yeeeeehaaaaaw! (That’s how we get stoked down South!)

    What is a low income baby? What kind of baby has a high income, unless money is being funneled into his/her trust fund on a monthly basis?

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