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Same sex marriage; through the eyes of a 17 year old heterosexual male

Sure, when marriage was conceived, there was no liberation for the gays, so it was set in stone that marriage must be a man and a woman. This is asinine. As long as there’s love, there should be unity; whether it’s gays or not.

Marriage (in my eyes) is more of a promise. A promise to understand when you come home stressed from work. A promise to take the trash out when your back is bothering you. A promise to love you forever. Now why should that be determined right or wrong by sex?

Sure, some people may be going to Canada to get married, or the next bordering state, but why should you have to basically escape where you live in order to have your vows said and rings swapped?

The truth is, I think no-one really knows. People will hate just to hate, or truly believe that marriage is sacred and shouldn’t be touched or revised to accommodate gays. I think you should be able to share your love without other people telling you that homosexuality is not natural, when it is present in animals, human history, and, in essence, it’s as natural as the air we breathe, the love we share, or the love people think they shouldn’t be able to share.



  1. but mostly there is fear.

    Fear of their children “becoming gay”, living unfamiliar lifestyles, denying them grandchildren, threatening the way of life they are used to.

    Are these fears justified?  I think not, but like other forms of discrimination the fearful can often point to examples to “prove” their points.  Scary Pride parades full of guys in gaudy drag, “gay” child molesters (explaining that these are almost entirely “straight” men falls on deaf ears)…  You hear people saying things that are familiar from the 60s and 70s:

    “Sidney Poitier is an exception.  The average ….. isn’t like that…”

  2. dtox

    There hasn’t ever been much of a push for marriage – we seem to be happy with our Civil Partnerships. I certainly haven’t personally felt strongly about it. There are of course some people campaigning for it, but it’s all very low profile. I wonder why that is. Perhaps it’s just a certain level of universal cynicism towards marriage itself. Or maybe it’s the fact that it really is just the matter of a label here – civil partnerships are identical to marriage in every legal way.  

    There has been one interesting recent development though. A straight couple in London is going to court in an attempt to get a Civil Partnership with the support of a number of LGBT campaigners.

  3. Sa09

    I think marriage has taken it’s fall through the generations, the divorce rate is through the roof. It’s ridiculous how lightly marriage is taken these days. I’m all for the couple in U.K. and France, it’s great to know that people care about this world-wide.

  4. Jjc2008

    positive influences abound.

    I do believe this young generation is more open minded but don’t discount the influence of older people.  Despite the false generalization that older people are closed minded and set in their ways, I know many more people of my generation and older who came of age in the 60s who have always been open to learning and acceptance.

    I have only one aunt (father’s sibling) left in the generation before us. She totally is accepting of the cousins in my generation who are openly gay.  It was not easy for her and she talks about how frustrating it is to her that sometimes her brain tells her it’s wrong. I tell her to not beat herself up over things she was indoctrinated with over 70 years ago.  Her siblings were also accepting and loving to the gay members of our family, to the mixed race marriages in our family.  Yet they came of age at a time when marrying outside their own ethnic group was shocking.  

    I guess we choose our friends based on our beliefs because I do not have one person in my circle of friends and colleagues who is not accepting of, open to these things.  Most of my friends are their 50s, 60s, and a few 70 year olds.  Several of us have gay friends/relatives in our lives.  

    I understand that it is the closed  minded minority getting all the press.   But from my vantage point, there are more of us openly supportive of gay marriage, gay acceptance.

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