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Weekend Open Thread (Update)

Seems like moose are busy doing other things today — here’s an open thread for whatever is on your minds.

Hat tip to John for the brilliant pic!


Just had to add this fabulous clip from The Ed Show, wherein founder of The Great Orange Satan Markos Moulitsas infuriates former Representative Tom Tancredo to the point of actually inspiring the Republican to remove his mic and earpiece and walk off the set, after demanding (and failing to receive) an apology for Markos’ remarks.

Props, Kos.


  1. HappyinVT

    A number of comments at Daily Kos from Vietnam-era veterans make the case that such a deferment is very difficult to get, thereby casting doubt on Tancredo’s claim.  I hope this is true because I’d hate for Markos to have bashed a guy who got a legitimate deferment.

  2. HappyinVT

    yesterday, Steve Israel has this video:

    Elie Wiesel via Twitter:

    Elie Wiesel on the GOP Tea Party’s anti-Semitism and Holocaust comparisons: “This kind of political hatred is indecent and disgusting”

  3. HappyinVT

    WASHINGTON – President Obama will make his first-ever visit to Alaska next week, on Veterans Day, as part of a multi-day journey to Japan, China, South Korea and Singapore.

    The president will stop Wednesday at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage to refuel Air Force One. While in Alaska, he’ll mark the Veterans Day holiday with the military personnel at the base, the White House said.


    The White House described the Elmendorf stop as “an event with the men and women of our Armed Forces,” and said that more details would be released in the coming days. It’s not clear whether the event will be open to the public.

  4. dtox

    It makes me uncomfortable. The test for me is to flip the people around and see if I’d still be okay with it.

    It reminds me, perversely, of Nick Griffin on Question Time the other day. He got back at something Jack Straw said with something about his father fighting in the war while Straw’s was in prison for being a conscientious objector. Now, I know it’s a different situation, but it’s the same sort of cheap, unrelated shot.

    I don’t think he should have done it. But at the same time, the chuckling little devil on my shoulder finds great satisfaction in seeing Tancredo riled up like that.

    It’s so hard to be good.

  5. I had to see if I could get some more. Does this earn me another cookie?

    That’s an animated gif that runs for only a few cycles. You might need to refresh the page to see it in motion. I didn’t want to drive everyone nuts by having it go non-stop.

    Here’s a different one that does go non-stop –

  6. This from GrassTops USA – perhaps the most extreme rightwing list I belong to.  A lesson in how a political party can disappear up its own ideological colon, and an object lesson in the kinds of supporters the Democratic Party listens to at its own peril, too.

    From Don Feder, In Praise of Small Tents:

    In reality, it’s consistency, not diversity, that leads to electoral victories. The wise and just do not repair to a banner emblazoned with a question mark (“pro-life and pro-death,” “pro-family and pro-marriage substitutes,” “pro-science and pro-global warming”).

           Here’s an action plan for conservatives who want to win on principles:

    1.  Demand the immediate resignation of RNC Chairman Michael Steele, RNCC Chairman Pete Sessions and House Minority Leader John Boehner. Their judgement is severely impaired. If this was 1912, they’d be charting a course for the Titanic during happy hour. Tell Newt to stick to writing historical fiction and alternative history. The former House Speaker should do an alternative history of the 2008 election, where the Republican Party nominates a Republican for president.

    2.  Never, never contribute to groups like the National Republican Campaign Committee, unless you’re in a masochistic mood and want to see your money promoting the election of Scozzafavas. Donate directly to the campaigns of conservative candidates, or to conservative interest groups doing independent expenditures.

    3.  Never, never, never vote for a RINO. If the choice is between a Democrat and a leftwing Republican, vote for the Democrat. It’ll be easier to get him out in the next election. He won’t help drag the GOP to the left. And he won’t lead to general confusion – the idea that the Republican label can be affixed to any product, no matter how defective.

    4.  If a leftwing Republican throws his hat in the ring, squash it. In Marco Rubio, Sunshine state conservatives have an alternative to Charlie Crist for the Republican Senate nomination in 2010. Now the right in Illinois needs to knock out Congressman Mark Kirk, who wants to run for Obama’s old Senate seat next year. Kirk has a 100% rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League, and an 82% rating from the League of Conservation Voters.

    5.  Understand that the key to winning isn’t elevating winning over every other consideration. Those who put pragmatism above principles deserve to lose, and usually do. Or, to paraphrase the late novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand, in the final analysis, pragmatism isn’t very pragmatic. (Rand also noted that “the lesser of two evils is still evil.”)

    A purge is an ugly thing. And in the Republican Party, it’s long overdue.

  7. Benito Malito

    I wrote a lot about tortoise carapace artifacts in my Masters thesis. IMO a very informed crowd here. Kudos.

    All those grasstoppers should totally start voting for Dems. We’ll take those votes just the same. Right? Leave it to an Ayn Rand disciple to get it bass-ackward.

    I thought it was a cheap shot by MarKos but Tancredo was asking for it. I hate chicken-hawks.  

  8. Benito Malito

    I may not be objective but I see them all as personal ornaments.  Like you said its very hard to step back. The groove looks like a channel for some type of cordage. Perhaps it was fixed to a hide; part of some type of vest or apron. The hand shaker looks likely.

    Agreed Tancredo could use a hundred more shots like that. I genuinely lol’ed. Schuster usually makes me change the channel but it was well worth putting up with yesterday.  

  9. I got hit with jury duty these last few weeks, and it’s pretty much eaten up all my spare time.  Between working, and getting to the court house, and trying to have  a semblance of a life outside work and court, I have had little time for Mistress Interwebs.

    I should have a diary up on the Jury Duty experience, and a bit to say on medical malpractice and the disgusting worms that prey on grief to bring suits in a bit. As soon as we can deliberate and put this turd of a case to rest.  

    Hope everyone has had a fine weekend.  

    My father’s last posting was Fort Hood, and he’s in the outlying towns, so this has been a hell of a weekend.  So far, most folks are safe and sound, but considering the number of odd shootings in the area over the years, it’s sort of sad that folks are getting used to the response. If anything, that it was a doctor who snapped, that tells you something about the pressures our troops are under.  

    I reserve judgement on his ties to extremists, as opposed to just snapping upon news of his deployment.  I know that it’s popular to label every Muslim a terrorist, but in this case, less that, I think, than a man who was in fragile condition, and in a system that was ill prepared for a care provider to snap, as opposed to a front line trooper.  That Lieberman is all ready to prove how tough a Droopy Dog he is I think should give us all pause, because sadly, when Lieberman hops on a train, you have to wonder about its final destination, or stability…

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