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Tuesday November 3, 2009: The Day in Tubes.

Unbelievably sad news today. More from the Onion.

All of those tragic deaths and not one of them Glenn Beck! Dear God, how much longer can we take this injustice? However, an Onion a day helps keep the Glenn Beck away.

Chris Matthews had an interesting conversation with Eric Cantor on Tuesday.

I am not that disturbed by yesterdays election results. Republicans are feeling overly smug and Democrats received a needed kick in the ass. I hope the pain is motivational.  

Dick Cheney is pretty happy these days. Headzup explains why.

I am fairly convinced that the Obama Administration has taken this stance because they do not want our country to be distracted by the circus that would be propelled by an attempt to prosecute the former (psuedo) administration (sorry, but I will never accept that the lil’ shrub was actually elected to the office of the POTUS). Whether this is a correct strategy or not is debatable.

One of the more intriguing races yesterday was New York’s 23rd Congressional District. A District that had been republican since the Civil War. The conservatives thought they had this election sewn up. The Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman was so very confident yesterday.

Oops. Heh. Yesterday’s election seemed to have more of a “kick the bums out” sentiment, than any sort of conservative victory. Representative Wasserman-Schultz really nailed the issue today in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan.

The republicans “are eating themselves.” Hmmm. Sorry, but I may never forgive Debbie for placing that image in my head;~J

However, the Democratic Party needs to be on alert. had a thoughtful article By Robert Reich today about how conservative and blue dog Democrats might want to rethink their plans over this next year, if they want to retain their seats.

And here is an interesting look at the “Obama youth”, those young people who helped get President Obama elected.

I think the American people want action now. We need to push Congress and the President to make it happen.


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