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Daily Tubes for Friday October 9, 2009

Lookie, lookie, here comes cookie! And see who won the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

I actually think the Nobel committee is giving the medal to the people of United States for electing Barack Obama as our President. I suspect that the world had almost given up on us over the past decade.

The President accepted the award with typical aplomb and a colossal dose of humility.

Well said Mr. President.

Others, not so much. I have never actually listened to Lumpybag for more than a couple of minutes, so this was enlightening for me. Watch it if you can;~J

He makes no sense. Why on Earth is he so popular? I just do not get it.

Even Pat Buchanan is way more reasonable. It is a strange world, when those words come from me.

Ok. So I don’t totally agree with Uncle Pat. I do not think this is going to come back and bite the President. However, I do think the right wing response to the Nobel and the Olympics will take many large chunks out of the repugnants butts.

Every so often I come across a cartoon from aniBOOM that jolts my funny hard. And on an even more rare occasion, I identify with a toon. Here is an example of one of those cartoon characters.

I am the happy little kitty with the big, bad fangs;~J Don’t mess with my warm and fuzzy world or I will frack you up!

Lee Camp has an interesting solution to the various problems with our government.

So that is why Rudy Giuliani dressed up in drag and we have singing Senators and former Attorney Generals.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I have figured out how to post pics, but am having a sizing issue;~P Photobucket

Do you remember his greatest hit? Bomb, bomb Iran.

With the absence of Headzup this past week, and almost six weeks of no Day in 100 Seconds, I have been dating other tubes. This fellow is hysterical.

His name is Edward Current and I think I will continue the courtship for now.


  1. I also wonder about why people pray for certain outcomes, like asking God to heal someone. If God knows everything that will be then God knows the future. When you pray you are asking God to change that future, or not, as the case may be. Since God already knows the outcome your prayers have zero effect.

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