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Daily Tubes for September 21, 22 & 23, 2009

Again with the lack of daily tubes?! Oy. I am the big suck lately. Sorry to all (3 or 4, heh) of my fans. To be perfectly honest, I have been having trouble getting motivated.

This gave me a chuckle though. It is rather long, but worth viewing. Sort of.

I now understand why Lumpybag doesn’t do live television anymore.

The Onion gives us a batseye view of Congress.

It is so hard watching the sausage being made…

Finally! Some real solutions for the health care crisis. Courtesy of Lee Camp.

I am waiting for my Wally! Yay!

Funny or Die reveals that Something Terrible is Happening!

Awww, that just pulls at your heart strings, doesn’t it?

The latest from Headzup, get ready to ruuumble in Connecticut!

I wouldn’t mind seeing a match between the Senator and Donald Trump. Personally I think Dodd would kick Trump’s ass.

I am not overly fond of Jack Cafferty, but he cracked me up with this pithy comment.

I just want to see Delay in Prison. Oh and Rove, and Cheney, and bush and…aw hell, why not the whole repug party?


  1. Shaun Appleby

    Will forever be esteemed in my memory for the following outburst, almost exactly one year ago:

    As an ‘old school’ journalist he is refreshingly frank and has no qualms about injecting his own standards into the commentary. In this excerpt he makes Wolf seem as blasé and superficial as a ‘B’ game show host. Lets not forget the insane media blather about Palin and her ‘qualifications’ at the time. Go get ’em, Jack.

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