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September 7 through September 10, 2009: The Week in Tubes (so far)

My apologies for not posting the Day this week. I have been busy and lazy. I think I am also pretty depressed that TPMtv has stopped posting the Day in 100 seconds 🙁

Headzup is back though, and has revealed the secret pug strategy for 2012.

If he doesn’t make it, there are always these guys:

My oh my, the repugs have such a fertile field of possibilities;~J

Wait a minute, it looks like the Congressman has apologized to the President.

Wow. That sounded sincere. Britethorn has an appropriate response for Mr Wilson.

I hope she washed his mouth with soap.

It looks like fox has decided to add some class to its line up.

fox has a business channel??? Oh you mean these geniuses.

They actually make fox news look bright by comparison.

Ok. Never mind.

I thought this was fairly interesting from yesterday.

My hope is that the rest of the blue dogs will become less relevant as well.

That goes for rush as well. Check it out! Captain Kirk saves the universe once again!

Another repug plot foiled!

Lee Camp brings us a moment of clarity.

There are some things you just cannot take back.

I think this is for one of our favorite Moosers. An Onion a day helps make better football teams.

Do you think it will help?


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