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I just watched President Obama’s speech to the AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was live blogging on btchakir’s Some Thoughts on Labor Day, hoping to inspire some discussion. I am going to post my comments and post a tube of the speech as soon as one is available. I may continue to work on this, if there is interest.

So far the President is giving a rousing speech  

and letting Labor know how they have changed America for the better.

And he just started talking about how he has improved things over the past 7 months.

And is reminding us of the bad ole days…

Good god, I want him to kick some ass!!!

He is taking a few good swipes

at the loony toon freakshow.

Ok here it is

He is launching into health care..

Oh yeah

you are the Man!

To the lunatics who are fear mongering. What are you gonna do?


He just said

a public option will help improve bringing down cost.

could have been stronger.

But he addressing every single criticism from the anti health care reform idiots.  

*[new] He left it as a teaser

Will reveal more on Wednesday about health care reform.

He is doing well in my opinion. He has a fire in his belly today!

ARGH!!! I want a tube of the speech right fracking now!

I am going to post this as a draft diary. If anybody is interested I will continue to work on it. Or I will probably fiddle with it, even if no one cares;~P

More of the speech posted on YouTube by PoliticsNewsPolitics

TPMtv gives us the kicker. I will post the entire speech once it is posted, but this is a pretty good overview of most (if not all) of the speech.

President Obama, you have me

FIRED UP and ready to go!!!


  1. DTOzone

    he had that look of fear in his eyes. I remember that look of fear from sitting in the press room in Oxford, Mississippi last year when we realized it was no longer a horse race.

    A couple of days later back in New York one of the exec. produers asked; “How do we keep this election exciting now that we know who’s gonna win?”

    The answer was, find ways to keep the public questioning who was gonna win.

  2. but what struck me when I started watching it was one simple thought and that is that I am still amazed that the American people elected an African-American to be the President of the United States.  

  3. HappyinVT

    That clip is about two or three minutes after I tuned in but you could tell he’s in campaign mode and the fight ain’t over.  I don’t expect to see this Wednesday night although I’d love it if I did.


  4. I followed some links from a comment thread on a liberal site to hotair and freerepublic. The insanity on those sites is mind-numbing. Here’s an example of the response to his speech today.

    That Union meeting was the most bizarre thing I’ve seen him do …yelling and screaming. Then saying “I will be talking to the kids of America tomorrow!” Much like a defiant punk than a President.


    I never watch him and I do mean never. However, today, I wanted to see how he was handing his demise in the polls and elsewhere. He kept rubbing his nose constantly. Could be nerves, could be blow. His lips were much bluer than usual and he looks much thinner. At times he seemed deranged. He may be close to a meltdown.

    The most common response to the text of his speech for schoolkids is – “I wish I could see the original speech.” The next most common is – “OMG! He is so narcissistic. He used the words ‘I’ and ‘me’ a bunch of times.” Another common response is, “This was all a plot to make the Right look bad.”

  5. alyssa chaos

    between watching this speech and reading the ‘Back to school’ speech Im feeling better about things. maybe only momentarily, but still.

    from tomorrow’s speech:

    “Where you are right now doesn’t have to determine where you’ll end up. No one’s written your destiny for you. Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future. That’s what young people like you are doing every day, all across America.”

    🙂 yay.

  6. fogiv

    it was a friendly crowd, and I’m a kool-aid drinker, but I thought that speech kicked ass.  While I watched, my lovely came in having heard it from the other room.  That is how my President should sound! she said.

    I thought it was pretty kickass.

  7. sricki

    Missed the speech due to company and my usual distractibility.

    The speech was good. Reiterating the need for reform is good. Pointing out where the liars are lying is good. Talking about bipartisanship is good. But the bottom line is, it’s time to ram this thing through — with the public option. And I don’t care how he does it — don’t care how many arms he needs to twist (or break) — so long as he gets it done.


    is just normal for them.  I remember during the campaign last fall I was reading a chat thread on the RaptureReady website.  It started with people saying they were afraid to put a McCain sign in their yard because the Obama thugs would deface it or do something bad to their house or car.  As the thread progressed someone said that the people next door to them had an Obama sign in their yard.  Then discussion ensued as to what that person should do about it.  Suggestions ranged from defacing the sign to taping Christian tracts to the sign to stealing it in the middle of the night.  Nobody seemed to notice the conflict between fear of what people would do to their signs and their own schemes to deface the opposition sign next door.

    Most of the threads on that website have the same kind of fear that liberals will do to me what I am planning on doing to them.  Strange and scary.

  9. DTOzone

    You’ll remember in my diary over the weekend I said this;

    The President said whether or not we get triggers in a final bill depends on how far they willing to compromise. He then asked them how far they were willing to compromise. They answered this was as far as they would go, but that it was entirely possible for some members of their ranks to compromise further only after it appears the public option cannot pass both Houses.

    and today this;

    But while Progressive leaders have staked their caucus’s reputation on getting a strong public insurance option, vowing again and again that they will not cave, the rank and file aren’t necessarily holding the line.

    “We’re the caucus that least marches to a unified drummer – that’s not what we do,” Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Mass.) said. “I’m serious about increasing access and quality, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a grand slam home run. I’ll take a ground-rule double if that’s what it takes. I’m happy to compromise if that’s what it takes. But compromise is compromise – it’s not rolling over.”

    The question for liberals is what they have meant when insisting on a “robust” public insurance option, something Obama himself put to the caucus leaders on the Friday conference call, according to the aide. Progressive leaders have qualified it as a plan linked to Medicare rates and implemented without a trigger.

    That’s for you bruh.

  10. creamer

     I believe single payer is the best way to go. I already know that won’t happen. I think a strong public option would help control cost and ultimately reduce the power of the insurance lobby.(Long way off, today on Hardball I believe the guy from Politco refered to study that said with a public option, by 2019, about 1/6th of the population would be on a public plan, the rest with “conventional insurers.)

    I listen to Markos flex his muscles(imagination?) on the power of the Netroots. I’ve listen to progressives talk of “abandoning” Obama if we don’t get a public option. So lets consider what else is on the table.

    No pre-existing conditions.

    No caps on coverage. Wich means no dropping of coverage due to catastrophic illness.

    Changes in Medicare that will make pay results oriented rather than procedure oriented.

    Huge subsidies for individuals and small business.

    There’s more.Feel free to add to the list, I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out. Do you expect President Obama look Americans in the face and say all this was in reach but it wasn’t good enough? Do you expect congress people to do that?

    Part of the majority we hold is do to the center leaning to the left. They might not be back if they are forced to vote for a public option. Thats how its supposed to work, voting on the views of their constituents. Granted some Senators don’t operate that way, but nothing is perfect.

    A lot of commentators are offering advice theese days. Ed Schults has become so full of himself I can’t hardly stand him. Sounds like he thinks President Obama owes him somthing.

      I’m looking forward to listening to President Obama tommorrow night. I think he’s got my back.  

  11. creamer

    I agree with you. It’s not on the table. Single payer I think will still come out in some form, but if it doesn’t, its political suicide for the left to blow up is coalition just to make a point. The left and the center will meet somwhere in the middle and govern. They will develop a sound energy plan. Maybe pass some kind of carbon cap.Develop an education policy that gives some relief to the cost of college. Develop a new manufacturing base. All of this goes away if the left or the middle gets adolescent, folds their arms and quits talking. The media paints this as a battle of idealologies. Maybe that has a role, but I think its more than that. It about moving our country forward. If you make agenda left of center instead of left of left, the people on the far right are left opposing things that most of the country agrees with. This brings the people right of center closer to the center. That is what Obama ran on. The reason the right tries to paint him as an extreme liberal is they can’t attack him as he is. A left of center pragmatist.

    BTW: President Obama never talked about a “Public Option” as Canadate Obama.

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