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Daily Tubes for September 3 & 4, 2009

Health care is the only issue right now. President Obama may be willing to stake his Presidency on health care reform. If Congress doesn’t do it’s job, there is a good chance we will be looking at significant Democratic losses in 2010. members and R.E.M. speak out for health care reform. We need a public option now.

Call Congress now. Let them know their jobs are on the line.

I have noticed a couple of pro health care reformers giving republicans a rough time lately on the tv machine. They don’t seem to handle it as well as many Democratic legislators I have seen in similar situations. I saw a clip on MSNBC earlier this week, where one republican lawmaker (sorry cannot remember the name and have been unable to find the clip) left his town hall 47 seconds after it started, when challenged by pro health care reform citizens. And then there is Michael Steele earlier this week.

They can dish it out, but they can’t seem to take it directed at them. Do we really want these idiots in power again?

This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. Try to watch the entire clip, if you can stomach it;~J

Ok. This jerk admits he threw the first punch. AND states that he kept punching, and only stopped after his fist went into his victims mouth, who then bit his finger off. Why is this asshole not under arrest? Arrest fox as well, for that horse shit interview.

Did you know that President Obama is gonna talk to your children next week;~?

Oooh. Skeery.

So is this.


A dear friend turned me on to this and I thought I would share. Perhaps we all need some cleansing joy after that.

Play it again. I promise you will like it.


  1. Hollede

    I got bummed out the other day and had a tough time finishing this up. Oh and there is a serious tube deficit occurring lately.

  2. After all, Holz’ diaries are pretty much open threads in and of themselves. 🙂

    I’ve come across a couple of bargains I though I’d share with my fellow Moosers.

    For a few reasons, including my recent back trouble, I decided to buy a new office chair. I found a $250 Sharper Image chair for sale at OfficeMax for 50% off. My son also found a $15 off coupon online and buying a chair included a 15% discount on a chair mat. So all told I ended up with a $250 chair for around $110. I’m pretty much a cheapskate when it comes to stuff like this, so this is the best computer chair I’ve ever bought for myself. I couldn’t pass up the deal, since I spend more time in the chair then I do in bed.

    The second deal is for an HP printer. HP has a $50 rebate going if you buy one of their new printers and send them your old printer. The HP 8500 all-in-one printer can be found for $150, so the final price is $100 for a $300 printer. Even better, their real nice office printer, the HP 8000, has recently been discontinued and can be found for around $75. Add in the rebate and you get a heavy duty printer for $25. Anyone that is in the market for a new printer should definitely check out both of those printers.

    BTW, I love this chair.

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