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One Final Michael Diary: Open Thread

Michael Jackson was laid to rest today, in a process  that would only make sense for kings, queens and someone quite possibly more widely known than any royalty who ever lived.  In between other things throughout the day I variously listened and watched the procession and the memorial and have caught other pieces repeated later (Stevie Wonder is singing now, for example).  

It is an interesting and unique opportunity to consider the impact of entertainment on the human condition, on the value of exporting culture through entertainment.  To consider the good that wealth can make possible (Michael’s financial success allowed him to support more charities than any other pop star), and the burden of childhood fame.

At the end of the day, it took a child – a daughter – to bring it down to the human level.  In a moment already criticized by some, Paris Jackson told us she loved her father.  I don’t pretend to know what is best for a young lady in a position like hers – I doubt there are many precedents to look to – but in the context of her life I will simply say that I admire her for speaking up for her father, and I will leave it there.


  1. spacemanspiff

    When you watch the videos you notice they can’t keep up with him in the dance routines.

    That detail blows me away everytime. He is just the best at everything.

    His creativity and voice.

    Dude was a mutant cyborg. The best entertainer EVER.

    MJ was built to rock the stage.

    Everybody can seriously mention him in sentences with Elvis and the Beatles ( Bob Marley? ).

    It will be hard to top this one in my lifetime.

    He was the king.

    Let his family grieve in peace media vultures!

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