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The Evil Specter of Government Medicine

Folks, I don’t think it’s any news that the Obama Administration’s push for socialist-communist-fascist health care is a direct threat to our nation, and our way of life.

For those of you unaware of the implications of socialist, let me illustrate it to you:

– Your care and drugs will be rationed. In every country with government-run health care, government bureaucrats decide who is allowed to have what drugs, procedures, and treatments, often against prudent and common sense advice from medical professionals.

– You will be placed on wait lists. Government health care not only means rationing, it means bureaucracy and delays, incomprehensible paperwork and innumerable hoops to jump through to be afforded even a minimum of care.

– The quality of your care will plummet. Government insurance comes with strings attached for patients and doctors-and the incentives are all wrong. Already, Medicare rewards doctors for the volume of care provided, not for outcomes. If you get well, the doctor sees you less and his income decreases. This socialist model gives doctors incentive to cram more patients and appointments into every day because quantity, not quality, are what counts. Just imagine: your doctor’s office or hospital will become more and more like the DMV.

– You will have less choice and freedom. The government will decide what doctors you can see (creating “networks” of doctors who agree to surrender their principles and work with the government, in exchange for the government funneling patients their way), and if you disagree, may only pay a fraction of your health care costs, or even none at all!

You can see the obvious contrasts between our current system (infinitely superior to what I have described above), and this dangerously criminal one.

I can only hope my warnings reach receptive ears.


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