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  1. anna shane

    starting when he was little.  I don’t care so much about rock stars, but Michael was always a kindly tragic man, he got to me.  When he was being prosecuted I was really upset by the pile on and nasty jokes, and when he was acquitted, well, that’s the first time I’ve been proud of a jury.  

    This is a sad day.  

  2. Cheryl Kopec

    Thought his voice lacked depth, and as a person, he struck me as just a bit icky. But that’s just me — no accounting for taste.

    What’s more alarming, for me, is that Twitter has been basically brought to a standstill. Seven of the top ten trending topics have to do with him, and the others are Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Jeff Goldblum. Seems vaguely macabre, this fascination with folks who have already passed on, instead of with those who are in very real peril of doing so. I can’t even bring up “Iran” or #iranelection.


  3. alyssa chaos

    [im working in a gov research lab so I generally dont get to use the internet for anything fun] and I have no tv and im in a strange new city and michael jackson is dead.

    what the fuck.

    it creeps me out when people just up and die because it just seems so random and i like to think there is some sort of order to death [even if there isn’t].

    michael jackson was weird towards the end [he creeped me out] but there’s no denying that he was a badass.

    I will resume lurking…..     [now.]

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