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Who Listens to this Dumb-F**k?

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In his usual brilliance, Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that he hopes Sonia Sotomayor fails.

In case you missed it – Sotomayor, a federal appeals court judge who was first appointed to the bench by Republican George H. W. Bush, is President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Her nomination was announced at a press conference yesterday morning. Hours later, Limbaugh was lashing out on his radio show:

Do I want her to fail? Yeah. Do I want her to fail to get on the court? Yes. She’d be a disaster on the Court.

Do I still want to Obama to fail as President? Yeah, — AP, you getting this?

He’s gonna fail anyway, but the sooner the better here so that as little damage can be done to the country.

A true patriot.


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