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FLOTUS Does Sesame Street

I’ve never watched Sesame Street.  Growing up we were booted out of the house if the weather was nice.  I don’t have children so I’ve never had to watch it with them.  (The cats like Animal Planet, especially the dog shows).

Anyway, Michelle went on Sesame Street to promote healthy eating and exercise.

She had a front row seat for her husband’s Inauguration, been hailed as a global style icon and completed a triumphant tour of Europe where she even hugged the Queen.

But none of these events had as much impact on Michelle Obama as an appearance on children’s television series Sesame Street.

‘I never thought I’d be on Sesame Street with Elmo and Big Bird, and I was thrilled,’ The First Lady said shortly afterwards. ‘I’m still thrilled. I’m on a high.

 daily mail

Now, if I could just convince her to step aside since I have a crush on her husband.


  1. Nothing against Chelsea Clinton, but she was hitting her teens when her father was in office, and both Bush and Reagan’s kids were a bit old as well for the US to have kids in the White House.

    And to be honest, it’s a perspective that has been sort of lost on folks. A President with grown kids is a different President than one with kids who are right there with him.

    Amy Carter came to the White House at 10 years old, but she came alone. And I always thought of hers and Chelsea’s childhoods as sort of lost in the shuffle of the Presidency and the needs of state.

    It’s nice to have kids in the White House again–something that the old girl hasn’t seen since Kennedy. While Michelle Obama hasn’t taken any causes as “hers” necessarily yet, I think that she’s done a great deal to soften her husband’s Presidency. Her presence overseas was warm and so far, and the support that she’s given her husband has been a different animal than Hillary Clinton’s. And that softer approach, and support of various causes, without a premiere sort, I think has been not just politic, but admirable.  

  2. psychodrew

    They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.  Our last president acted like some kind of monarch who would only appear at rare and very scripted moments.  The Obamas, on the other hand, don’t seem to see the White House as making themselves better people, but rather giving themselves a better platform to advance their issues.

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