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If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em?

Ah, Arlen Specter. I figured I had to write about this one.

Kudos to our man Arlen, for violating that most sacred principle of American honor: jumping ship when the going gets tough. Let me just go through a few historical examples of how unbelievably selfish and ridiculous Specter’s “change of party” is:

1) Imagine if the first settlers of this nation jumped off the Mayflower halfway across the Atlantic Ocean because the seas were too rocky or the wind too fierce.

2) During the year 1776, the fledging Continental Army faced defeat after defeat after defeat–in fact, it wasn’t until the very end of the year–Christmas, in fact–that they scored their first (relatively) decisive victory of what would become our reovlution. Imagine if Washington gave up in June 1776 and surrendered?

3) The Civil War was one of the bloodiest conflits on American soil, sometimes pitting brother against brother and destroying the fabric of the Union. Imagine if Abraham Lincoln had given up and pledged his allegiance to the Confederacy? Imagine if he had given up on his quest to abolish slavery? Imagine if the North had turned and run once Confederate troops started marching towards Washington DC?

4) Imagine if the world gave up and joined ranks with Hitler?

5) Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. and countless other brave and oppressed men and women gave up as they marched to Selma or journeyed to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? Imagine if the African-American community didn’t stick to the principle of equality and justice because they thought they would lose?

6) For thirteen days in November 1962, the nation came perilously close to nuclear war. Imagine if JFK had given in to the militaristic and fatal whims of those around him, instead of the diplomacy that saved us all?

7) The NFC had won 13 consecutive Super Bowls leading up to Super Bowl XXXII. Imagine if John Elway had given up on his career and a ring halfway through those 13 years?

8) OK, it pains me to bring this up, but imagine if the Red Sox in 2004 had given up after being down 3-0 against the Yankees? Imagine if we hadn’t been able to witness one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports? (That was painful, fellow pinstripers)

9) I have been a Bills fan my whole life. During that time, the team has lost four painful and consecutive Super Bowls, made me scratch my head and certainly caused my blood to boil on more than one Sunday. But I never switched my allegiance.

Isn’t there something about this country that implores us all never to give up and never to give in when faced with impossible odds? Yet when faced with doing the right thing (the tough thing) or doing something for personal gain, Arlen Specter chose himself over the spirit of his country. I’d hate to call him the Benedict Arnold of our time, but frankly I don’t support those who lack the toughness to stand up for the principles that make this country great.

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  1. I hope you all understand that my final round of final exams and desire to graduate have been taking up my life recently. 🙂 Looking forward to getting “back into the swing”.

  2. of the Yankees. Now imagine that the fans have turned against you and boo everything you do no matter how much you help the team (think judicial appointments). Now imagine the team drafts a young player and makes no secret of their hope that he will knock you out of the starting lineup and force  you to retire. Now imagine that for years the Red Sox and their fans have been trying to get you to leave the Yankees and join the Sox. Should you stay a Yankee and take all of the abuse heaped on you by the fans and management? Should you have to listen to those fans shout things like, “Arlen, you bum. I hope you die!” every time you take the field or come to bat? Now imagine the Yankees have turned into a losing organization filled with bitter players and fans who do nothing but point fingers at each other. A bunch of backstabbing bums. Now imagine this has been going on for years and years. What would you do?

  3. psychodrew

    This was shrewd political move.  The only battle he cared about was getting re-elected and that was a battle he was certain to lose if he remained a Republican.

  4. my utter lack of expertise on this particular senator – im not sure why you’d put it that way.  wasn’t he a moderate anyway?  and isnt the gop going farther and farther right with each passing week?

    so if that is the case then why would he stay in a party that has made it clear that his POV is not wanted? not disloyalty – political realities.

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