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Finally, The Main Stream Media Coverage Of Transgender Murder Hate Trial Hits It's Stride

A couple of weeks ago you were hard pressed to find any significant coverage of the murder trial of Angie Zapata, who was murdered last year in Colorado. As the trial began, according to GOOGLE stats, about 75 entities were covering and has quickly dropped back down to single digits, with an occasional blip to double digit coverage.

Rather than a recap, here are highlights that will bring all interested parties up-to-date. I anticipate the PROSECUTION will rest today and the DEFENSE will begin.

One of the most damning prosecution positions is that Allen Andrade knew Angie Zapata was transgendered at least thirty-six hours prior to the actual murder.

After a bunch of editing the system will not let me post below the break this morning. A good rundown of what I was trying to post can be found at NEWS.GOOGLE with key words “ANGIE ZAPATA”


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