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Meghan McCain makes me smile

I dunno how many folks are going to pick up on Meghan McCain’s speech with the Log Cabin Republicans, but the gal gives me a great deal of hope for the GOP.

Her fight with Coulter solidified my liking this gal. Not just for tweaking and confronting the uglier side of what amounts to a PR vehicle–and Coulter represents strategic commentary to put out the wilder ideas so that if folks are less incendiary they will appear to be more moderate in comparison. Which is the sort of disingenuous politics that bothers me at a deep down level.

I think what’s interesting, are the lengths that some are going to attack the gal. It shows that split, and the real fear that leadership may rise up from the rank and file, and from unexpected sources.

McCain’s daughter, unexpected? In the political dynasty sense, hardly that surprising, but her views and articulation are quite different than the usual modes of glacial thought of the current leadership.

She is hardly a new phenomena. There are plenty of folks who want real fiscal restraint, accountability–for both sides of the aisle–and who look to the Constitution, not chapter and verse for guidance to our governance. She is a fresh face on it though, and I welcome her to the fight that’s been going on for a while to bring the party back to ideals that it has fallen from.

That is the funny thing. That Megan represents a return to fiscal responsibility, and a return to championing the rights of the citizen. She represents a turning from the radicalism that has infected the GOP, and that gives me a great deal of hope for our party.

The Maddow interview especially illustrates that what are termed by some as “Moderates” now–though to be honest, some of us have continued to call ourselves “Conservatives” all the while the terminology has changed under our feet–are the real future of the party.

Or rather, not so much “Moderates” or even “Progressives”, if the GOP wants to regain relevance, we need to make a return to our roots, and that it takes a fresh faced young woman to remind the leadership of this, I hope the real message isn’t lost: we need to return to being Republicans. Not Conservatives. Not Moderates. Not Progressives. But return to the roots of the party, and those roots are the preservation of the Republic, and defense of our Constitution.

The GOP is not simply Conservatives. Republicans come from more than just traditional Christian backgrounds–and the drive poll towards a tiny slice of the population, even a slice that gives generously, has done our party a grave disservice, and it has pulled our focus far from where we ought to be.

I have been watching Meghan with some interest for a while, and to see that she isn’t backing down, or slinking away gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Good on her.  


  1. Kysen

    …will never vote for a Republican…

    But, if more Republicans were like Meghan (and like Hubie)..then I would at least respect the GOP. As it is, I have seen nothing ‘Grand’ about it in the past 20 years or so (at least).

    Would be rather novel to respect the opposing Party…has been a very…very…long time since I’ve done so (long before I was able to vote).

  2. creamer

     I’m glad that this young wealthy woman is talking about a more tolerant republican party. But I have to agree with John, she has neither the experience or even anything approaching a policy postition that would warrant such exposure.

  3. sricki

    I am growing increasingly fond of her. Relative to the rest of the GOP, I very much like what I see. A level head, carefully considered views, and certainly not a regurgitation of her father’s beliefs. The smackdown on Coulter was enough to endear her to me in some ways, as Coulter is probably my number one most despised Republican.

    And yes, compared to the “new” meaning of “conservative”, she screams “moderate” — which just goes to show how radically right the public image of the party has lurched. I hope she can begin working to change that. There are plenty of sane voices in the GOP right now, of course — they’re just being drowned out by the more boisterous loonies. Here’s hoping Meghan speaks loud and clear.

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