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Oh Noes!

BE WARNED: If you live in red state, or otherwise have wingnuts in your vicinity, it would be wise to don a plastic poncho and make like you’re at a Gallagher show.  Many heads are certain to explode on account of the handshake and smile exchange between President Barack Obama and Venezuela’s dastardly Hugo Chavez.


Will this seismic event cause as many Scanners moments as Saudi Bow-Gate?

Now would be a good time to turn your children, pets, and the elderly away from your screen. The graphic and horrifying details of the exchange of pleasantries follow:

Obama walked across a hotel meeting room to meet Chavez for the first time, said a senior U.S. administration official who witnessed it and spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the details of the event. The official said Obama initiated the encounter.

Chavez has been a fierce critic of the United States during President George W. Bush’s tenure.

“It was very, very short,” the official said of Friday’s meeting. “The president shook his hand, smiled and then went back to his position in the line.”

The encounter comes as Obama softens U.S. policy against Cuba, a Chavez ally.

Asked later about the meeting, Obama elicited laughter from reporters with a brief response: “I said, ‘Como estas?'”

That’s the familiar form of Spanish for “How are you?”

Chavez was more forthcoming with reporters.

“We shook each other’s hands like gentlemen, and it was predictable this would happen,” Chavez said.

“We don’t have any complexes that would prevent us from extending our hands to each other. I’m grateful for his gesture.”

O.M.F.G.  Shocking! Of course, the unhinged have been on this for quite awhile already.

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  1. but Obama’s look has that “I’ll have your head on a pike” feel to it.

    Obama is a vastly intelligent long-term planner who leaves nothing to chance, Chavez is a moronic thug.  My money is on the smart guy with the fleet of nuclear subs.

  2. vcalzone

    Because the first might be Sean, but Glenn Beck will be first to ACT like he’s blowing a gasket. I just don’t see him actually believing it. Though he’s getting there. He’s very close to the point where he actually buys into his own hyperbole. I think he really is that stupid. Cartman-level stupid. And I hope South Park demonstrates that soon.

  3. maybe im tired this morning.  but i really don’t give a damn who’s head explodes.  obama is working quite hard to restore american – in every aspect – from the hell hole in which bush left it.  

    i only wish he gave charvez a fist bump.

  4. And the mindset is just so…different.  And these are more “moderate” conservatives (will not go to redstate or freerepublic.)  

    The mindset is still “we are the most awesome country on earth and everyone else can suck it.”  Chavez is a thug, I agree; however,  The comments I read on these blogs just assume that because Obama has a (D) next to his name, he’s going to roll over to have his tummy rubbed.  There’s a real sense that packing away the saber = acquiescence.  

    I don’t see it.  It’s my view that technology is really making the world smaller, and increasing similarities between countries, not decreasing them.  There are always going to be governments that need to be marginalized as unacceptable, but I think over my lifetime those are going to become less and less frequent.    

  5. nrafter530

    I find him to be a pompous ass, but we have always seemed to forget that he’s the democratically elected leader of Venezuela. Too often I’ve seen him misrepresented as some tyrant.  

  6. HappyinVT


    BTW, in the first session, Mr. Obama and Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez had another exchange with Chavez giving Obama a gift, a book. “Las Venas Abiertas de America Latina” by Eduardo Galeano. Translated: “The open veins of Latin America.”  Read about it on Amazon. Right now, it ranks #312,365 in the best-seller list. Let’s see where this stands on Monday. (BTW, the English translation of the book currently ranks 54,295).

    There’s video I’m looking for that shows everyone seated around the square table.  Chavez walks over to Obama who is already seated and gives him the book.  According to Jonathan Capehart MSNBC/Washington Post it’s a bit of a back-handed gift because the book refers to US and Russian interference in Latin America.  I haven’t verified that.  If I find the video I’ll post it.

    At the moment, work is pissing me off.

  7. jonlester

    “kill ’em with kindness,” is what I think an appropriate policy towards Chavez and others of his ilk such as Eva Morales should be. Their time will run its course without any interference on our part.

    Two examples:

    When Morales nationalized Bolivian natural gas, the foreign operators simply packed up and said, “we’ll see ya,” and it turns out Bolivia’s share of the natural gas market is actually less than critical.

    And Chavez was denied his attempt to stay president forever, so he has to be out by 2012. If anything, he seems to have humbled a bit lately. I’m sure Venezuela’s poorest citizens won’t overlook those recent Sukhoi purchases next time around.

  8. This is a lesson for all political commentators (ourselves included).  Pat is on Hardtalk ranting about Obama not standing up to Ortega – which is arguable, though I disagree – and his Democratic opponent is Lawrence O’Donnell.  Lawrence is just now doing the bullshit partisan ad hominen attack method of laughing over your opponent’s commentary and using the art of personal attack instead of offering rebuttal.

    I just switched from CNN because the Republican Strategist in that pair-up was doing the same thing and run slap into this crap.  Do we really have to reward idiots like these with airtime?

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