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Why I Still Hope

(Proudly cross-posted at OC Progressive and C4O Democrats)

Right after the last election, I was devastated. I thought we had won, but instead I lost my fundamental rights and felt like garbage. I didn’t know what do to next.

So what did this po’ lil’ queer kid do to start recovering what H8 stole away? I joined the impact. I put love into action. I didn’t let homophobes like Rick Warren take my hope away. I looked back, then started thinking ahead. And lately, I’ve been waiting for our day of justice.

So what now? It’s time to move on. It’s time to start kicking some radical right ass and secure equality for all once and for all!

As we’ve talked about before, there’s no way to really know how the California Supreme Court will rule in the Prop H8 lawsuits. They may issue a verdict we don’t like, or they may issue a verdict that immediately reinstates marriage equality in the nation’s most populous state. But either way, we must prepare for something else historic. We must prepare for the campaign afterward to secure our civil rights.

No matter what the court decides, we will likely see reaction to the ruling lead to action at the ballot box. Either the radical right will further try to erode LGBT rights and/or we will work for an initiative to secure marriage equality in California for good. So in order to prepare for the inevitable continuing campaign, we must ensure we build the strongest campaign possible. And no, I don’t just mean raising money or putting up media ads. While we do need both, the inept and failed No on H8 campaign proved that those weren’t enough to win.

We must knock doors. We must make calls. We must talk to our neighbors. We must register voters. We must reach out in our community and build those personal connections necessary to make a real impact and change people’s hearts and minds.

This is why I’ve been so impressed by Courage Campaign. They get it. They realize how important grassroots community action is, so they’re willing to help build local networks statewide like the one I’m working on in my hometown, Orange County. Without them, I don’t know how I’d be able to prepare for our upcoming community outreach walks in Irvine on April 4 and Dana Point on April 18. Without their help in finding other local activists to help me do all this organizing, I don’t know how I could have done this all on my own.

So if you’re in California, please consider joining Courage Campaign. Give of your time if you can. Give of your money if you can. If you care about our civil rights, just give what you can and join our movement for equality.

And if you’re not in California, you can still help us out here. But more importantly, go find your local LGBT activist network and join them. We need to see progress in all 50 states to build our way up to a nationwide tipping point for equality.

We’re so close. I’m so fired up. I still have my hope, and no court or fundie wingnut can take it away from me.


  1. for me to believe that prop 8 got passed in california.  i was in LA just before the election and saw overwhelming support against it…  but it just goes to show how religious nuttery can go so awry.

  2. rfahey22

    A right that can be overruled by 50.1% of the electorate isn’t a “right.”  After the restoration of marriage equality, constitutional reform should be the next item on the agenda.

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