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The Mavrik burnishes his credentials and Open Thread

… by throwing his daughter under the bus.

Stephanopoulos asked McCain, “What do you think of Meghan’s feud with Coulter and Ingraham?” McCain first said, “I’m proud of my daughter and she has a right to her opinions.” When asked if he agrees with his daughter, McCain did not say, simply stating, “like any family we agree on some things and disagree on others.”

Now, I’m not afraid of admitting I used to be a loud and proud McCain supporter in the 2000 Republican primaries. I never really ever forgave Bush for kneecapping McCain the way he did- even if I did end up supporting the man for far, far, far too long as I watched my party and our country head towards a precipitous cliff. But if there was ever any doubt that McCain 2008 isn’t McCain 2000… if the election season hadn’t removed that doubt from anyone here- viola.


  1. keeping up with this story.  but that meghan girl is growing on me.  is this an open thread?

    im pretty bummed out about the death of natasha richardson.  the canadian media were in a frenzy about it – its sad.

  2. rfahey22

    I mean, I loathe McCain as much as the next person, but that seemed like a fairly polite response to a direct question.  I mean, you know, at least he didn’t call her what he calls … Cindy McCain.

  3. spacemanspiff

    Damn. Gotta sit down for this one.


    The first time I read it I said to myself.

    “Dude.” ( that’s what I call myself)

    “Dude, this is a very smart  political move by the McCain’s.”

    Then I said to myself.

    “Dude, this is exactly what I would of wanted my dad to respond.”

    If I’m M.M. I want to build my own brand and be my own person. Having her dad set the tone immediately gives both of them a lot more space to maneuver. If we’re happy about Meghan at least being a rational republican then wouldn’t we expect her to differ from her dad in a few things? Isn’t it better for her and her like minded allies on the right to separate themselves from every old school pug in order to be relevant? I firmly believe that this is all being planned by JMcain and his daughter. McCain saw during the campaing what the future looked like. Right now their is a void and the opportunity is there for the taking. I think this is some pretty nifty game they are playing. For instance, we are talking about Meghan McCain on the Motley Moose.

    It is pretty obvious that M.M. likes the spotlight and she has the smarts and courage to back up her personality.

    She’s going to be a rockstar.

    How many other politicians can pull this off?

    If she really gets to work and builds up some cred …

    watch out!

    I’d settle for her being a Blue Dog on our side.

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