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For those of you that did not catch this earlier, this is too rich not to share. I will try to find the entire clip and post, if able. Ari Fleischer visited Chris Matthews today.

I wished Chris would have pointed out that Saddam Hussein never attacked the United States a first time.

Ah. Here is the long version. This is why I like Matthews. WARNING Really long tubes ahead…but worth the time.

It worked for Reagan. It even worked for Nixon. Do you think if they lie long enough and hard enough, any of us will buy this? The sad truth is, maybe.

With even more bush/Cheney wackadoodleness, Jonny Alter reported on Countdown that during a forum with Seymour Hersh and Walter Mondale, Hersh let slip that he is writing a book that includes reporting on “Dick Cheney sponsored assassination rings”. He said that orders went around CIA chiefs abroad, using military personnel for assassinations.  Alter suggests that what we may find out about Cheney will “curl our hair”. I wish I could project his inflection.

Never mind. See for yourself. The crazy Cheney shit starts around 5.40 minutes.

Did we actually just live through a John le Carre novel? I think I have asked this before. Perhaps the scary answer is that Dick Cheney is living in a le Carre novel, and the world paid the price for his delusions.


  1. spacemanspiff

    His sudden act seems deeply cynical though and is tied to the fact that Keith and Rachel are getting mad love for their shows. I wonder who MSNBC will put at 10 PM.

    Anyways, even though I’m not sure about his sincerity I can’t complain about the “new” Tweety.

  2. KLRinLA

    “we couldn’t run the risk of Saddam striking us again after 9/11?”  Is he fucking serious!!!  Did any intelligence ever point to Saddam at any time, like ever? What a fucking asshole to just lie like that to this day, even in the face of ALL evidence that we now know pointing to the contrary.  Fuck those fucking fuckers!!1!

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