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Overnight Open Thread

GOP Chairman Michael Steele caved like a rain-soaked paper bag to Rush Limbaugh immediately after showing a semblance of a backbone- who’s surprised? Anyone?

The Ghost of Ronald Reagan smiles on you, Mr. Limbaugh. You are truly the new light of the party. And I, for one, am ecstatic.



  1. Gooey Old People party. Gotta love it. Steele’s apology establishes without a doubt that Rush is the party’s voice. Rush’s overall approval rate is right around Bush’s. Rush is viewed favorably by about 25% in polls and unfavorably by better than 50%. Both numbers will go up as Rush gets more exposure, since the 25% who have no opinion now will add to both numbers.

  2. Reaper0bot0

    And happy as hell to do it.  The folks at RedState are calling out Ross Douthat.  I mean, seriously?  HE’S the problem with your party?


  3. Jjc2008

    that his audience at CPAC was overwhelmingly college students.

    How does that happen?  Seriously?  How does a college student get to be a Rush Limbaugh admirer?  I get a little bit why a bunch of old, fat, balding in a bad way, draft dodging hypocrite white guys identify with him.  But how do college students get to that place?

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