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Not Me!!!

Have you ever noticed that some people get really worked up about GLBT issues? Have you ever noticed how others couldn’t care less about these concerns? Ever wonder why?

Years ago my nephew was in a youth church group that he really enjoyed. That is until they got a new youth minister who was extremely homophobic. My nephew knows that his aunt is lesbian and not one member of my family has a problem with me. It did not take long for my nephew and all of the other members to drop out of this group. Leaving, I would imagine, the minister and church to wonder why.

My nephew is straight but his attitude is one of live and let live. His only concern, really, is that his aunt is not discriminated against.  

I believe that human sexuality falls on a curve or perhaps even a circle. I think that bisexuals out number straights and gays by 2 to 1. I also think that this causes a great deal of stress and pain for a lot of people. I have seen so many gays and lesbians struggle with their sexuality and mourn for those poor saps who have tried to straighten up through God and/or the church. I have never seen it succeed.

I absolutely believe that this shame carried by so many, is the root of homophobia. Too many people are freaked by that errant (or not so errant) gay thought. I respond to this with a strange mixture of pity and livid rage that this keeps on happening.

I have pity for their confused minds, but become enraged by the harm they cause. I do think that young people see this, are much more comfortable with their sexuality, and roll their eyes at the Phelps and Haggards of the world.