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This Week in Tubes

Friday, February 20, 2009 in 100 seconds. I love TMPtv, but it is kind of sick that an entire day of highly paid news programs, channels and pundits can be reduced so effectively into 100 seconds. Why waste time, just check out TPMtv.

That was really nasty. I swear Pat had a hard on.

I have been bad again. Missing too many days in a row makes for long tube diaries. Oh well, here is Thursday February 19, 2009 in 100 seconds.

Oh I do love Canada. Don’t you?

Wednesday February 18, the day in 100 seconds.

Who the hell is Fluff and how old is she now?

Ok, last one for this week. Tuesday February 17, 2009 in 100 seconds.

Feel the knowledge coursing through you? Are you “Back in the Saddle Again”?

Norm Coleman thinks he is, or that at least SOMEONE is backing him up.

Norm! I had no idea you were also batshit crazy. Norm, meet Michele Bachman. Michele, meet Norm.

This might be over the line…somewhere. But we are the Motley Moose, and twisted is in our genes. Or is that jeans?

Gotta love an Onion.


  1. Hollede

    Glenn Beck crying and Karl Rove trying to convince America that the bushies were really the regulators in chief.

    Oh and I just heard on Rachel that Richard Perle denies he is/was a neo-con.

    Holy shitballs.  

  2. Hollede

    These are not people I often listen to, and after watching these brief clips, I remember why. These are two of the sleaziest, lying shit bags I have ever heard.

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