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ACTION ALERT: Tell Obama to Keep His Word on Social Security & Medicare!

(Proudly cross-posted at C4O Democrats, and many thanks to Chris Bowers at Open Left and Jane Hamsher at FDL for confirming that I’m not crazy) 😉

For everyone who thought I was some insane “boy crying wolf” yesterday, this should prove them wrong. Just as I warned and many folks “in the know” had previously reported, President Obama may be open to supporting the creation of an commission that could force some undemocratic, unfair, and unstimulative proposals including cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

However, President Obama still says on the White House web site that he opposes the very measures that supporters of this “fiscal responsibility commission” support, like raising the retirement age and any type of privatization effort. So what are we to believe? We need for the White House to clarify to us and to the entire nation what they intend to do on “entitlement reform”.

Please email the White House here or call them at 202-456-1111! And if you need any ideas on what to say, please let my comments inspire you.

Dear White House,

I am quite disturbed by this new report that the White House is considering a very undemocratic proposal that would force Congress into an “up-or-down vote” on legislation that could end up weakening Social Security and Medicare.

Is this true? Is President Obama considering supporting cuts to Social Security and Medicare? And is he changing his mind on privatization? We need to know.

My father depends on his Social Security and Medicare to just get by. It would be awfully unfair to “balance the budget” on the backs of seniors and disabled people like my dad, and it would be counterproductive to the President’s goal of stimulating the economy. Please, please let us know that the President will not allow the theft of Social Security and Medicare funds in the name of “fiscal responsibility”. That would not be responsible in any way, and I hope this is the message we soon hear from President Obama.

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