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How did we get here?

When we were very young

The Motley Moose was born from the ashes of the 2008 Democratic primary
wars. The site was a joint effort by twenty-five active political
bloggers (a healthy mix of long-time Obama supporters, ‘Clintonistas’, centrists and even a couple former Republicans).The idea was to build a Post-Primary Democratic site that could move forward instead of looking back.

We tired of the incessant fighting and trollery on other political blogs

Photobucket The constant dramz was detracting from constructive discussion.

Photobucket Here at the Moose, we value well reasoned discourse and have a fondness for snark and dry wit.

Photobucket The
Moose promotes Progressive Democratic values and believes that fighting
for their institution will pave the way to a stronger more united

Photobucket We chose Purple as our primary site color to express our support of Obama’s wish to move away from Red states and Blue states.

We have grown far beyond those original 25 bloggers, and they have blended into the Herd as the Moose Community has expanded. Motley Moose has found a niche in the political blog world and is earning a reputation for both well researched diaries and hard hitting snark. The focus on Community has allowed an informative yet funloving atmosphere to develop and we hope to continue to foster this as we move forward.

Diaries on the way to 1000

The Moose who write diaries for Motley Moose are a varied bunch. As such, the diaries they gift us with run the gamut. We have had diaries on the Election (before, during, after) and Obama, the Military, LGBT Rights and Women’s Issues to name but a few of the topics covered. We have also had lots and lots and lots of Snark filled writing from The Lounge.

Here are few blasts from the past that are Moose favorites.

Photobucket Obama


PhotobucketLGBT Rights

Women’s IssuesPhotobucket

Photobucket The Lounge


PhotobucketHi lurkers, we know you’re out there.


We have an amazing community of regular diarists and commenters, but we know that there are so many of you out there yearning to join the Moose Herd. Sign up! Motley Mooses don’t bite, in fact, we LOVE new Moose.

Photobucket  Come out Lurkers…even if it is to taunt and naysay from the sidelines like Statler and Waldorf. We love that!

Come to the Moooooose….Come to the Mooooooose….

Where we want to go from here?Photobucket
Discuss Quality
  Discuss Community
  Discuss Fun

We will soon be starting MA meetings. Photobucket




Photobucket We believe that one blog, one blogger, can make a difference. The ripple from one tossed pebble can a tsunami make.

Thank you all for making the first 6 months a smashing success!

-Motley Moose


~~Motley Moose…Progress Through Politics.

Come join the Herd!