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Bye, Bye bush Tubes

I am on pins and needles waiting for tomorrow. In some ways I just want it over, but am reveling in the excitement leading up to the swearing in. I have been extraordinarily busy this past week, and also have not been able to post or even read many diaries. I decided to try to break out of this block by posting some silliness. I hope you enjoy.

Free At Last! Free At Last! In Less Than 48 Hours We Will Be Free From George W Bush At Last! Terry O’Sullivan

Kinda says it all. The tube is long, but O’Sullivan gives one hell of a speech, so it is worth the nine+ minutes.

The remaining tubes are all Headzup. This next one is a repeat, but in my humble opinion, takes us into the theme of the diary.

I have decided that we really cannot jail even a psuedo president. However, I think there is precident for vice-president. Was Agnew convicted? I believe that Cheney must be tried for war crimes.

So ease up little fellow. Give Laura and the kids a break.

If he has a soul, the lost lives of our service people and Iraqi citizens will haunt him for the remainder of his life.

On the other hand, Cheney is thinking ahead.

Maybe people will just try to continue to make citizens arrests of all of these criminals. You know who they are.

Finally, something positive from the bush years.

You still have time to sign up.

I included this for kicks. It is hysterical.

Laugh, sing. Cry with joy and relief. We are almost free at last.


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