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Burrisitus, Reidyness, Mucus, and Other Ailments of a Ranting Madwoman

I feel like going on a rant. Just a warning, the following is an uninformed crabfest, of which I expect fully half of what I say to be incorrect. And I do not care. I am quite certain I will care later, when I must hang my head in shame for the dumbass things I am about to say. However, right now, I do not care.

First of all and probably the main reason for this sour diatribe; I have been sick for five long weeks. I have other long term health issues that are difficult to live with, but I have no other choice than to deal with them the best I am able. My current and extremely annoying illness started off as a wicked cold the day before my birthday and seems to have turned into a nasty case of pneumonia. Bummer. Bummer, bummer, bummer.

I have not had a cold for a very long time (or pneumonia ever), as the homeopathic remedy I normally use, has kept me sniffle and cough free for over six years. I ran out this last month and now must endure the unpleasant consequences. Word of advice, do not wait to start taking the medicine until you begin sleeping for days on end. This, I am told, is a very bad sign.

When I am not sleeping, I am still perusing the Moose and the news.