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Why do Republicans hate America?

You doubtless remember George Bush’s testimonial that he and his administration never stop thinking about ways they, like the terrorists, could hurt America:

Republicans, committed to perpetuating George W. Bush’s legacy, are now trying to make a mountain out of a molehill by attenuating the links between the senator from Illinois to the governor of Illinois into something quite sinister:

The United States is deep trouble, directly as the result of the policy and behavior of Republicans.  The only way the country will save itself is for Barack Obama to succeed as president, but here come the Republicans, the same as they ever were, trying to destroy America by trying to destroy her new president.



  1. …having milked the economy, and redistributed wealth from the middle classes to the rich in some vast Ponzi scheme, this is all they have to fall back on.

    Good news is: the electorate didn’t buy it during the election. Why would they buy it now?

  2. Hollede

    are responsible for the cluster fuck we are in right now. has a great article on this very issue.

    The fiercest opposition to the loan proposal — and nearly a third of the 35 votes against ending debate on the deal — came from Southern Republicans, and the ringleaders of the opposition all come from states with a major foreign auto presence. Not coincidentally, nearly all of those states — except Kentucky — are also “right-to-work” states, which means no union contracts for most of the employees at the foreign plants. The Detroit bailout fell victim to a nasty confluence of home-state economic interests and anti-union sentiment among Republicans.

    Politico reports that even Cheny is offering critical advice for the republicans.

    That was the message Vice President Dick Cheney brought to a closed-door Senate GOP lunch Wednesday, reportedly warning that it’ll be “Herbert Hoover” time if aid to the industry was rejected, according to a senator familiar with the remarks. A Cheney spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny the vice president’s remarks

    Democrats are trying to frame the argument and lay the blame where it belongs.

    “Clearly, it’ll be on their heads,” said Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.). “It passed the House, and Democrats in the Senate and the White House are on the same page. They’re the odd person out here. It will be on their shoulders if it doesn’t go forward.”

    A fellow blogger wrote this yesterday:

    I think that it is anti-democratic that people with wealth and family connections and name recognition and money and power, are the people who fill the chambers of Congress. I also think that the archaic rules of these chambers keep power concentrated and working for the elites in our country, and yes, even the world.


    I guess my point is that the system has become diseased. We need some diagnoses and can hopefully find some cures. That is the main reason I come here. I have had some ideas about this for years, have searched the MSM fruitlessly, and have felt shorted by the alternative news. I find some of the alternative news a bit (or a lot) biased (the other way) and they are not taken very seriously in this country. Motley Moose seems to bring these worlds together with critical thinking, intelligence, and exchange that is much to my liking. In this place (and others like it) I feel that we can figure this out. I am also an (almost) eternal optimist. I have spent a lifetime trying to re-create what is, into what should be. Weird thing is I have been successful a lot. And even when I fail, I learn and try again. Or at least have really good ideas on how to do things better.

    by: Holli De Groote @ Sat Dec 13, 2008 at 08:16:27 AM EST  

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