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Joe-boy, “Oy”jevich and Other Musings and Rantings of a Madwoman [Updated]

Lately I have been watching Morning Joe. Joe-boy is a blowhard and is usually difficult to take, but I get a certain sort of enjoyment out of the show each day. I do however, find myself wanting to reach through the screen and strangle Mr Scarborough on a regular basis. It is annoying and sickly hysterical to watch the boys and Mika B. Now there is a dynamic worth a diary or two.

Joe was crying (again) about the positve treatment President-e Obama has been receiving, whilst his ‘lil shrub has been so pilloried by the media. Joe-boy was trying to assert that if Karl Rove had said one thing six months ago and then another about any connection to a Governor after he had been arrested, the media would be screaming “liar” from the mountain tops. Mika scored huge points with me today by pointing out that the shrub maintained a frightening stranglehold on the media for years (my characterization of her words), playing Nero while Rome burned (my characterization again). Oh and he has lied countless times to the American public, thereby losing credibility all on his own (sorry Joe-boy).

All of this got me thinking and (gasp) writing. So here it goes…

I was wondering what it would be like to have bushies initial (post 9/11) political invulnerability and Clinton’s amazing political and intellectual abilities. Such a combination along with a total lack of skeletons, could be the catalyst for significant change.

While Reagan had some of these attributes, he was beset by a hostile media and a predominately Democratic government. He was saved by his own personal charm and connection to the American people and a sort of worship by those closest to him. While I still dislike Reagan, in retrospect, he seems more far intelligent and earnest than I would have ever given him credit for. He also seems a damn sight better than bush.

Some might start thinking that President-e Obama is this person. I hope that he is.

The rancid odor coming from Chicago could hurt him, but only if he ingested any portion of the rotten carcass.  My guess is that Blago will try to fling some filth his way, but I suspect the President-e was smart enough to get off that shelf a long time ago. In fact, if I were to guess, I suspect that President-e Obama may have helped ta blow da whistle on da Blago.

Tanks ta Rachel Maddow for da ‘oy’jevich in da title.

[UPDATE] Neither President-e Obama or Congressman Jackson have been implicated and have issued firm statements about this issue.

Please, please let this be so!

[Updated again]

So here I am watching Morning Joe again. Joe-boy really has a serious hard on for some kind of connection between President-e Obama (and Rahm Emanuel) and soon to be former Governor, Rod Blagojevich.

He just cannot understand why the media is taking President-e Obama at his word. Poor Joe-boy. He is going to make himself sick with all of that anger and suspicion.

[Another $*@%!#* Update]

I am heading off to do a few errands, but just wanted to comment that Morning Joe went downhill after the last post. Pat Buchanin came on board and by the time I quit watching, they had worked themselves up into a pretty good lather over Congressman Jackson being “candidate #5” and just what did President-e Obama know and when did….oh, give me a bleeping break.


  1. Michelle

    I’m still around…lurking a bit more than I ever have here…but I’m here, on the sidelines.  Spent a few days in Chicago and a few days in NYC recently.  I love me some Chicago, but NYC has given Chicago a big run for its money, and may even win the race.   So I am coming back to life, in a manner of speaking…will be writing soon because I miss writing here.  Actually read some news for the first time today.

    It’s nice to see that you “came out” of the blogosphere closet.  Glad to know that I was an inspiration in that way. /wink

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