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Congratulations Governor Crist

On the evening of Friday, December 12, 2008, Florida Governor Charlie Crist will marry his girlfriend, Carole Rome, in a wedding ceremony at St. Petersburg’s First United Methodist in St. Petersburg, Florida.  As has been widely reported in the media, Impact Florida, a new gay rights organization formed in the St. Petersburg-Tampa area following voter approval of amendment 2, a ban on gay marriage, will be holding a demonstration at Williams Park, across the street from the church.


Just a month after Florida voters passed amendment 2, with the support of Governor Crist, he is exercising his right heterosexual privilege to get married.  The demonstrators do not plan to disrupt the proceedings or harass attendees.  Supporters of marriage equality will demonstrate silently, wearing pink shirts and carrying signs calling for marriage equality and congratulating Governor Crist on his nuptials.  After the wedding, the group will hold a candlelight vigil at North Straub Park.

For those of you who are in the St. Petersburg area and wish to get involved, visit Impact Florida for more details.  If you live out of the area and still wish to participate in this effort, you are encouraged to send Gov. Crist a postcard congratulating him on his nuptials and reminding him that he supported a successful effort to deny that right to gay and lesbian couples.

Mail your postcard to:

Governor and Mrs. Crist

Office of Governor Charlie Crist

State of Florida

The Capitol

400 S. Monroe St.

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001  

If you prefer email, send to

My postcard will read:

Dear Governor Crist,

Congratulations on your marriage.  I planned to attend the Impact Florida demonstration to express my support for your wedding in person, but unfortunately, I will be out of town.  I have to rush out of town after my last final exam because I have to split my three week Christmas Break between my hometown in West Virginia and Shanghai, China, where my boyfriend of three years resides.  Unfortunately, the American government believes that we are threat to traditional marriage so we are forced to spend my four years of graduate school on separate continents.  Someday, I hope that we are able to enjoy the privilege that have and your bride have each exercised for the second time.

Good luck and God Bless You,



  1. where Alan Shore married Denny Crane.  They did so because Denny has early Alzheimers and wanted someone to have all of the rights of a spouse as he goes through that process.  The story was setup to provide opportunity to make the points regarding all the “non-traditional” cases for marriage (lesbian and straight male to produce a child as co-parents, non-sexual partners who choose to share the responsibilities for each other’s lives).  How many heterosexual couples get married for non-traditional reasons?  Taken to its logical extreme, wouldn’t the anti-marriage-equity movement block those, too?

    Congratulations, Gov. Crist.  Turns out the rumors of your homosexuality were incorrect, therefore you can get married.  Lucky, you.

  2. louisprandtl

    continue in this country. That this country will continue to treat some as second class citizens because of their sexual orientation is unexplicable and unforgivable.

    Today I was listening to Frank Schaeffer’s interview for his book “Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All” on NPR. He was narrating how after abortion, the Religious Right used Gay bashing as a political weapon and a new realm for Culture War. He narrated a particular incident where Jerry Falwell’s comments on gays even left his rightwing fundamentalist father aghast…


    It’s a state by state issue so there will be some states in the Bible Belt that won’t allow it but they’ll all be raptured soon anyway.  

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