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Clinton to accept Secretary of State position.

According to a New York Times report, Hillary Clinton has apparently accepted the position of Secretary of State.

WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat and accept the position of secretary of state, making her the public face around the world for the administration of the man who beat her for the Democratic presidential nomination, two confidants said Friday.

The apparent accord between perhaps the two leading figures in the Democratic Party climaxed a week-long drama that riveted the nation’s capital.

Mrs. Clinton came to her decision after additional discussion with President-elect Barack Obama about the nature of her role and his plans for foreign policy, said one of the confidants, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the situation.

Mr. Obama’s office told reporters on Thursday that the nomination is “on track” but this is the first word from the Clinton camp that she has decided.

This is great news, as far as I’m concerned.


  1. GrassrootsOrganizer

    Hannity was commenting today on how 90% of the appointments so far are former “Clintonistas” and how is it Obama can’t seem to appreciate or attract talent that isn’t left over from the Clinton Administration and what does that say about his ability to lead.

    Oh.  Really.

    I guess Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Ashcroft, Chao, Card and all the other fleas off the Reagan/GHW dogs don’t amount to lack of leadership or imagination.

    Seriously.  Do the Hannitys of the world have no shame?

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