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Open Thread: DOUBLE MEAT, SIR! (remix) — What’s blasting from your speakers (earphones)?

I’m back to writing…

in my mysterious and sexy way.

What are you listening to?

Any advice on new bands or older ones you’d like to share?

What song are you digging the most this week?

Stop lurking and post damn it.

I gotta recharge my Ipod.

Kid DJ

Some peeps are back after a short absence and others after a longer absence. Others are new to the Moose.

Which puts me in a good mood so I thought I’d kick it back old school.

I’m going to pimp a website and a song I’m banging on my woofers.

But first.

I leave you with an epic smackdown.

Two beasts of the Entertainment and Pop Culture league.

Oh yeah.

You know who I’m talking about.

In the blue cornnnnnnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

wearing a nice suit and holding the American flag ….

the ranting, outraged mouth of the left, and despised by all that is right and owner of a huuuuge ego.

( Maddow is my favorite show now)

Michael Buffer






In the red cornerrrrrrrrr……

wearing a Blockbuster Video employee uniform ….

holding a bedsheet in his hands……

Michael Buffer





Jared - Bedsheet

With the hundreds lurking in attendance….

and the thousands  who will hear about it or read it later ….

Michael Buffer


Kanye West is a genius.

Plug the earphones in or pump up the speakers.

It’s about to get HOT in this motherfucker!




Of course. You know I have to share this one.

(it’s short, trust me, you’ll love it)

So I’m pimping a well known site.

One that doesn’t get the love it deserves on this blog.

Fuck yeah! I’m sticking up for all the pop culture geeks.

Here it is.’

The comments section is pure filth and garbage by the way.

Don’t even waste your time reading that.

The Words of the Day

deja moo


1173 up, 948 down

The feeling that you have heard this bull before.

Katie: ” How come you guys didn’t go out and celebrate your anniversary?”

Nicole: ” We were going to, but he had to take care of his little sister again.”

Katie: “That sounds like deja moo to me.”

by Lexie 1912 57 comments more

Some choicy Spiff treats.

crop dusting


1591 up, 228 down

farting while walking;

walking while farting;

i crop dusted my way down the aisle at the grocery store

by charlie 45 comments

[chrismatthews] HA! [/chrismatthews]

Pooooooop joke!

1. McJob 529 up, 33 down

Any menial, low-paying, unskilled, dead-end job, including (but not limited to) those in the fast food industry, which requires zero creative or intellectual involvement, and whose sole motivation is a paycheck (i.e., no one works a McJob because they like it or care about the work). The employee may also be required to wear a silly and degrading uniform. Examples outside of the food service industry include Wal-Mart greeter and movie ticket clerk.

McJobs are usually filled by teenagers, bored retired people looking for something to do, and struggling single parents in need of a second income.

Turnover is high, but because practically anyone has the skills necessary to perform a McJob, the company can just hire more interchangeable McEmployees off the streets.

The term’s allusion to mass-produced fast food implies both the mechanical, unfulfilling nature of the work, and the disposable, interchangeable manner in which the company treats its employees.

We need to expand the skilled job market, not just create more McJobs.

by Greenie Dec 11, 2003 share this 1 comment

What a coincidence….

not .

I agree with this

calvin and hobbes168 up, 9 down

Quite Simply a masterpiece of randomness

yay calvin and hobbes!

by enterthedavid Mar 3, 2005 share this add comment

Have fun searching the tubes …

Post some tunes ….

Let me know what’s happening!


  1. Hollede

    Wondering how Joe Leibermann is keeping his spot?

    The real reason McCain lost the election…

    I just love these…

    Sorry, no music from me tonight.

  2. alyssa chaos

    I dont like how Kanye bought into the whole ‘auto tune’ synth to his vocals.

    The new song he produced for Jay-Z is sick…


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