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We need your help in VA-05! VOTER CAGING! Help keep our house races up!

The closest contested election in the country right now is hinging on your help.

Right now, we’re in the middle of doing final checks on the counts done last night for the race in VA-05. Sound familiar? The home of the xenophobic Virgil Goode. Currently, he’s ahead by six votes… but the word is that all absentee ballots are in, and almost none of the provisional ballots cast have been counted yet. Granny Doc and I both reside in this district, and we can tell you- Virgil needs to GO! Already, Virgil is assembling a team of lawyers, ready to throw out as many “unlawful” provisional votes as he needs to remain in the lead.

From aznew, at Raising Kaine:

1. Both Tom and Goode saying they will wait until all votes are counted.

2. Both optimistic they will prevail.

3. Goode claims all absentee ballots have been counted, but “he is concerned about some provisional ballots not complying with Virginia law. For example, voters may have been at the wrong voting precinct, or did not bring the proper forms of identification.” BIG TELL HERE, FOLKS)

4. Goode also says lawyers may have to get involved.

5. Goode has not heard from the Perriello campaign.

6. Both say there are “still a number of provisional ballots that need to be counted.” That will occur Wednesday.

We need your help, now. There’s not much physically people can do right now, but get the word out on this notice! Virgil Goode had an entrenched position he never seriously thought he’d have to contest, but his machine certainly ran this district- and a lot of ’em are in power positions. Let’s get the national media involved- pour as much scrutiny on this race as possible- as well as the Warner and Obama campaigns, if we can- we couldn’t get Bachmann out of the House, but we can sure put an end to the “Goode” life- but we need all the help we can get!


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