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President Barack Obama

Today, Barack Hussein Obama was elected as President of the United States.


We have accomplished something.  Something more than we know right now.

Yes, the Democratic Party now controls the White House.

Yes, the Bush era is at an end.

Yes, the tone and tenor of politics will never be the same.

Yes, the age of transparency in government is beginning.

Yes, the epoch of involved democracy has begun.

But we don’t really know all of this, yet.  It will take us some time to realize it.  So for now, we celebrate and we rest and we congratulate.

So congratulations, President Obama.  Congratulations, Democratic Party.  Congratulations, America.


  1. My husband just reminded me of how in 2004 we were in Colorado, 3/4 away across the country, in a small hotel room.  Having camped for several nights, we gratefully embraced hot pizza, cold beer, and a tv.  We watched the convention speech.  My husband turned to me and said, “that guy is going to be president someday.”

    I can’t believe that today is today.

  2. alyssa chaos

    Im just so happy to the point where tears just flow like crazy! We made history guys! we did it! we really did it!

    Im so proud of us as a nation right now!  

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