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Obama vs Abe - Polls

It’s been a pleasure to be in the trenches with you guys.

I’m getting on a plane in a few hours. Flying to Miami.

Just to vote!

I did the paperwork necessary a couple of months ago ( I’m “living” in Florida).  Wasn’t sure if I would

get the chance to go (unfortunate circumstances) but everything worked out and after phonebanking like a motherfucker, I’ll cast my vote.

Have fun on The Moose on Tuesday!

I’ll be downing some mojitos and Don Q with Coke while I see the results come in. Well, that’s my plan anyways.

I’m going to the polls prepared for some looooooong hours.

Ipod. Check.

PSP. Check.

“Me voy a vestir de paciencia.”

“I’m going to dress up with patience” ( literal translation)

I’ll be back Wednesday ( or Thursday) to kick it!

Have fun guys!

305 in the hizz house!

Blasky, we’re turning Florida blue!

We’re going for 60!

We’re taking back the White House!


See you all after the election peeps!

President Barack Hussein Obama ….

Obama - Dirt off shoulder

I can get used to that!


  1. Kysen

    hope that you are not standing on line for too terribly long.

    Let us hear from ya once you can access the intertubes!

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