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Friday morning Open Thread

Forget more stock market falls (for a moment). Always good to wake up to some happy news. No, I don’t mean the polls, which continue to show a constant improvement for Obama. No, I’m talking about the hilarious skit on SNL broadcast last night

That Tina Fey is uncannily like Governor Palin. And the answer to the question “Are abortion Clinic Bombers also Terrorists?” had me rolling in the aisles.

“Don’t know”

Comedy Classic.

Meanwhile, to further your morning amusement and edification, the real Sarah Palin broke my heart in an interview cited by AP about her $150,000 post convention clothes budget.

It’s kind of painful to be criticized for something when all the facts are not out there and are not reported”

Yeah, imagine if someone kept on saying you started your presidential campaign in the house of a former terrorist. That would be awful

Some like to eat their vengeance cold. Some like it hot, with gherkins, on rye in the morning.

What emotions are you guys chewing on today? And are there any ‘painful criticisms’ you’d like to share?  


  1. …the continuing plunge in shares. Some great polling from MN06 – seat of the egregiously awful McCarthyite Michelle Bachman

    SUSA doing a poll for local teevee station KSTP has Tink up 3 pts

    Tinklenberg:  47

    Bachmann:  44

    Here’s the netroots paid for Tinklenberg ad:

  2. ragekage

    Gosh, them abortion clinic bombers sure aren’t terrorists, huh?

    Frak you and what the Republican party has become.  Really and truly.

  3. GrassrootsOrganizer

    If I’m hearing her right, “terrorism” is defined not by the methods or their effect (people are terrified) but by the target — government buildings = terrorism — anything else, not terrorism.  Of was she suggesting it’s the goal that determines the label?  Wants to destroy the American government = terrorist.  Wants to overturn the rule of American law using street violence because the law is in their mind immoral = probably not a terrorist.  

    And here all this time I thought “terrorism” meant a planned effort to use random acts of violence for political purposes to generate terror until certain demands are met.

    Can she possibly be this simple-minded?  

  4. spacemanspiff

    I’m not sure this is their best work. It’s a bit tooooooooo much.


    Palin has 2 flies playing ping pong in her head.

    Looks like the one with “Forest Gump” abilities served an ace.

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