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Obama’s typical white grandmother is NOT sick – LUNATIC FRINGE UPDATE –

Fuck your theory

UPDATE : Thanks to fogiv for the heads up.

Since I asked a couple of days ago who would “go there” many, many, many Obama haterade guzzlers have gone there .

The updates would of filled up dozens of diaries and then some.

But of course, I was waiting for everybody’s favorite toolbag L.Whitey Johnson a.k.a. Flowbee to state what he thinks is about this obvious political campaign stunt.

He did not dissapoint!

Let’s chuckle at the lunatic fringe a bit.

Talk about bamboozling the public, the Obama campaign has trotted out the ultimate PR propaganda designed to persuade America that Barack Obama is a regular guy who cares about his grandmother. Oh, did I mention she is white and from Kansas? I mean, who doesn’t love their granny? Dorthy and Toto were from Kansas. You just don’t get more American than that. Let’s just remind everyone that Barack is a man grieving for his mama grandma.

Ha! So fucking predictable.

This trip is part of a scripted campaign event. It is a sign that the Obama team are so confident their boy has the election in the bag, that they are stepping up efforts to solidify Barack’s image as a regular, mainstream Joe. Hence the visit to Granny in a time of need. Now Grandma Dunham is an elderly woman and is coming off of a broken hip. From the sound of it she is a feisty old gal and no more in peril of keeling over than any other 86 year old woman.

Nobody told Flowbee that a broken hip at her age and condition dramatically decreases life expectancy. Not only is it physically hard on the patient, but it’s even more so from a mental health prespective.

Women in their 70s and 80s consider a hip fracture akin to a death sentence, according to a new study in the Feb. 5 issue of the British Medical Journal. The study concludes that 80% of women surveyed would rather be dead than in a nursing home as a result of falling and breaking a hip.

New York Times had a “spiffy” article on this :…

But an estimated 329,000 hip fractures occur annually in the United States. Hip fractures often lead to declining health. Women with such fractures face a 15 to 20 percent increased risk of dying the year after the break. Although men are also at risk for fracture, fragile bones are more common in women.

This is a very serious and sad development for Barack’s grandmother . But hey, what do physician’s know?

Hate mongers like Flowbee and his ilk are truly pathetic.

Let’s face it, if Granny Dunham was departing this mortal coil (and let’s face it, she is an old lady and will die at some point) wouldn’t the whole family go? Shouldn’t Barack’s daughters get a chance to say good bye to Great Grandma Dunham.

Stay classy fucktard.

Shout out to Holliwood in the comments section for this vid.

Ignore Keith, it’s the video he presents which is the focus here.

I am not making light of the situation. I was also raised by my grandma and my mother. I know how hard this is for Obama because I was there.

That being said, I want to have a chat with you peeps.

How long will it take for those who drink the Obama haterade to start saying his gradmother’s illness is fake?

I do some reading on the lunatic fringe hate sites.

Believe me.

They wouldn’t think twice of going there.

You know Obama’s grandma is getting featured on all the major networks on Thrusday and Friday.

She’s white and from Kansas.

You get the picture.

It’s going to be a great biographical media narrative for Obama barely a week before the G.E.

It’s the perfect antidote to Jeremiah Wright AND scary Hussein terrorist.

It really is.

A very cynical (and douchey) political strategist couldn’t of made up something better.

Plus, McFailin will have to hold back a bit on their attacks.


You guys know the drill.

(you’ve thought about it,  admit it)

It’s not about being cynical.

The MSM eats this shit for breakfast.

This is how it should play out.

Positive coverage for Barack Hussein Obama = Troll derangement

So, my question to those that are not offended ( some always are)…

How long before the first “fake illness” smear pops up?

(has it already?)

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  1. Hollede

    That the repugs usually accuse the Democrats of things they do. Been seeing that phenomenon since Reagan. They will just be pissed they didn’t come up with a fake story to pull at heartstrings and will assume that is what Obama is doing. They are scum.

  2. DCDemocrat

    My mother’s mother saved me in every way a baby, a boy, and a man can be saved.  She was the light of my life, and I have never been nor ever will be as close to anyone else as I was to her.  When she was ill with lymphoma in 1999, I dropped everything for her.  I was willing to let everything in my life slide for her.  Almost 10 years later, I can’t remember anything I laid aside, but I do remember holding her hand when she died.

  3. DeniseVelez

    No sooner than it was announced Freepers started spewing filth.

    I have a hard time fathoming the deep sickness exhibited by some of these people.  

    But since I believe in reincarnation – I comfort myself with the belief that in the next life they will all be cockroaches 😉

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