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I lived through the McCarthy era – keep him buried

I watched as family friends lost their jobs.  I remember the witch hunt, the whispers, the children taunting “Oh say can you see..any red bugs on me…”

I remember leaving New York with my parents to hide in obscurity.  Teachers were fired.  Reporters suppressed. Articles censored.  Film director’s attacked.  In 1947, the year I was born,Ronald Reagan led the charge against “communist interests in the movie industry” and was rewarded with the plum – leadership of the Screen Actor’s Guild, and testified against his friends in front of HUAC.  His wife, Jane Wyatt – disgusted with him – the traitor in her home, divorced him in 1948.

I remember those people who committed suicide.

I remember those who refused to testify against their friends, family members and co-workers.

I remember those who did, to save their asses and their careers.

I remember.

It is starting again.  We have to stop it.


We now have the specter of HUAC and McCarthy and guilt by association raised by McCain, and Palin and congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

Here is Bachmann being interviewed by Chris Matthews today:

To Bachmann, liberal = left = terrorist = Un-American.

Here is  Katrina Vanden Heuvel responding:

This woman does not deserve to be in Congress.

Support her opponent, El Tinklenberg:

We can stop this.

Yes. We. Can


  1. Thankyou for remembering the human cost of this kind of fear mongering. I’m hoping it is just some fringe loonies. On the other hand, McCarthy might have seemed a fringe loony at one time. Was it this bad in 2000 or 2004? I don’t remember it. All I can think is, since Obama is hardly much more liberal than Kerry or Gore, that what they mean by UNAMERICAN is ‘non white’.

  2. NavyBlueWife

    for the great media expose of who is anti-american and who is pro-american?  I think I would be anti-american because I am voting for, have given my money to, and spend hours working hard to elect Barack Obama.

    I’m glad that Chris let her talk because she sounds as crazy as Palin…Palin wasn’t as “crazy” in people’s minds until she started opening her mouth.  I say let Bachmann talk all day long, and the people will vote her out of office…

  3. vet75

    Sometimes I need to remember that when I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States  . . . There would be moments of disappointment in my fellow Americans:

    I guess they don’t teach people how to disagree in a civil manner these days.

  4. Kysen

    It really is pretty fucking scary the way that the lunatics have seemingly taken over the Republican asylum. Unhinged does not begin to describe that woman…and she is an elected official. Horrifying.


    hidden agenda…a return to McCarthyism.  It really isn’t so surprising with all the rightwing accusations of Marxism I’ve been hearing these days.

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