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Open Thread : Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay! GAAAAYYYY!!! (gay)

I’m back to writing . . .

in my mysterious and sexy way.

Without further delay…

Michael Buffer

Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuummbbbblllllle!!!!!

Follow me for more, after the trip.

Bill is nothing like that.


Bill-O The Blacks

McCain wouldn’t repeat some of the smears Bill-O pushes right?

The Maverick is running an honorable campaign, focused on the issues.

Just listen to these robocalls!

McCain is so full of mavericky goodness that he went back in time for his running mate.

Sarah Palin is Betty Boop.



Automatic dryers have a dial that ranges from ‘more dry’ to ‘less dry’.

This begs the question…

Who would want their clothes less dry?


  1. dtox

    In other news, I’ve hiderated a comment by the big boss at the other place.

    I breathlessly await to see if I wake up to find myself banned.

    • spacemanspiff

      … and made fun of his obsession with Warner last night.


      I’m now convinced he just skips over my posts when he sees my handle.

  2. spacemanspiff

    I’m going out with a bang on the other blog.

    Would like you peeps to be a part of it.

    (as in, so you can laugh)

    Hit me back.

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