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Redstate Co-Founder Voting McCain? NOPE!

Crossposted at DailyKos

Heh.  You read me right.  Ha, ha, ha, ha!  Joshua Trevino, co-founder of the conservative blogging flagship site Redstate can’t pull the trigger for the McCain/Palin ticket.


He says:

In the end, I couldn’t do it. My California ballot arrived in the mail today, and I opened it fully intending to vote for John McCain. I filled out the state propositions first — yes on 8, no on everything proposing a new bond or new spending — then the local offices, straight Republican excepting Kevin Johnson for (nonpartisan) Sacramento mayor.

Finally, the vote for President of the United States: an academic exercise in California, where Barack Obama will surely win by a crushing margin. But good citizenship demands voting as if it matters.

Do I believe in John McCain? Not as much as I used to.

Do I believe in Sarah Palin? Despite my early enthusiasm for her, now not at all.

Do I believe in the national Republican Party? Not in the slightest — even though I see no meaningful alternative to it.

So, my choice for President in 2008, scrawled in my ballot as an act of futile protest, is Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.  If nothing else, I am confident this is the first of several votes I will cast for him in years to come.

Emphasis mine.  Granted he’s in San Francisco (which embarrasses me as a native Californian), so he can afford a protest vote.  Still, it’s saying something that this guy (of all people) can’t get behind McCain, not even with winks and starburst smiles from Hockey Puck.

Anyone else feeling good about November?


  1. Only one cloud in this silver lining. Who’s going to take over. As I’ve argued elsewhere, a rump radical right wing Republican party might not be so good for the Dems, or the US in the long run.

    The rats are leaving the sinking ship – but where are they heading?

  2. We could make diaries for the next three weeks with nothing but quotes from RedState.

    Here’s some, from This diary

    It’s too late; he missed his last opportunity


    October 12th, 2008 at 3:35 p.m. CDT (link)

    There’s nothing he can do at this point. The only question is can he at least keep the base motivated enough to minimize democratic losses in the congress. Sixty democratic senators is a nightmare.

    What frustrates me the most is that he actually had a golden parachute served up to him on silver platter and he just threw it away. If he’d have taken a principled, conservative stand against the bailout that would have been an absolute game changer. He could have ridden opposition to that measure to a victory which should have been impossible in this environment. Oh well, it wasn’t too be.


    McCain won’t win

    Andrew Bolton October 12th, 2008 at 2:37 p.m. CDT (link)

    But Hail Mary #3 is this: “Folks, I have a tumor and I’m stepping down from the campaign. Romney or Palin will now take over.” In this way, McCain and the country will win. 🙂

    Another at random:

    What is dishonorable…

    paulag1955 October 12th, 2008 at 4:45 p.m. CDT (link)

    About telling the truth? That’s all I’m asking. I want McCain to stand up and tell the truth without flinching. To call a spade a spade rather than a fricking entrenching tool. I want him to do it every day, with every word he speaks. God knows, there is plenty that needs to be said and he cannot affor to wait for someone else to say it for him.

    At the convention, McCain entreated us to “Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight” but I don’t see him following his own lead.

  3. NavyBlueWife

    on Obama and his radical terrorist ties…

    I know this because my mom who lives in Charleston, SC called me to tell me that her friend called her to tell her to watch it.  Her friend said that if we let Obama into the White House, then he might bomb us all because he is a Muslim.  Her friend has been a second mom to me my whole life, but she is deeply and unapologetically racist.  She hates black people and will tell you so to your face.  My mom can’t even talk to her about this election anymore because she’s voting for Obama.

    I went to Hannity’s website to try to find his remix on this crap, but I was distracted by this shiny thing…

  4. fogiv

    I posted this at DKos and MyDD too.  It’s at the top of the Rec list on MyDD with all of 2 comments, one of which is mine.

    The DKos post generated 60+ comments, and 30+ rec’s, which is a record for me over there.

    All that for a diary that required almost no thought whatsoever.  At DKos, the comments are largely a bunch of Rah Rahs.  At Mydd, it’s a veritbale void.

    Here, a discussion about the differences in the relative levels of religios fundamentalism here and abroad (and what that might mean politcally) erupts.

    Ladies and Germs, this is why the Moose kicks some serious ass.  

  5. GrassrootsOrganizer

    I don’t know where the hell else to put this and it doesn’t warrant a diary but hell’s bells the right is in meltdown.

    So this evening, on a prominent and well moderated “personal issues” forum, for the first time ever the owner of the site materialized to first post a bullshit video about poor peole causing the current financial crisis, then delete all the comments from the thread for criticizing the video claiming she didn’t realize the admins had banned all political posts, but she left the video up explaining she has to do it as a publice service because Democrats are getting a media free ride while Republicans are being unfairly trashed.

    THEN she admonished a couple posters personally and publically for objecting to the whole mess — essentially telling them they were clinging to their “victimhood” by finding fault with the video — and this woman is a PSYCHOLOGIST — then she started banning long time posters for objecting to that.  It’s a freaking bloodbath over there.  This didn’t happen in 2004…I’m sort of in shock about what’s going on there.  

    MEANWHILE, my kid went to a concert last night where the band leader said something positive about Obama and a GD fight broke out in the audience.

    MEANWHILE, there’s this jackass taking a Curious George doll in an Obama hat to a Palin rally caught on tape.  And people shouting “kill him” and “off with his head”??  WTF??


    I’m sorta really thinking about voting absentee………..

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