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Overnight Open Thread

A lot happened today. What’s on your mind, folks?

And here’s our new Rich Lowry Memorial Starburst Map, once again thanks to our good friends at the magic number is 402. New additions include Montana (M+5), Georgia (M+3), and North Dakota, where the latest news seems to indicate the race has tightened back down. Can we do it?


  1. NavyBlueWife

    this turning of the tide in the election…

    seems to me that Obama’s campaign is fundamentally the same but two major things happened. (1) the economy went in the toliet, and (2)McCain lost his McNuggets.

    Which one was worse?

    If the economy turned around tomorrow (or Monday, really), would the numbers come back closer again?

    And do people really vote with their wallets only when things are bad?  And then say to hell with everything (and EVERYONE) else when things are so-so?

    Palin ignited the culture wars (hate that phrase) again when she joined the ticket, but reality was still the same: horrible deficit, two wars with no end in site, worst president in history, administration that stripped away civil rights of Americans and anyone within imperialist reach.  But they rose above Obama, even when factually speaking she was a disaster…has the failed education system produced a dumb (for lack of a better term) electorate?

  2. sricki

    A lot. Like a moran. Helps if you’ve heard Bale’s new Batman voice, which is — well — difficult to understand at times.

  3. It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow

    It’s mine the day after

    And PALIN ACCUSED OF ABUSE OF POWER is on the front page of every online newspaper.

    What a great pre Birthday gift she is

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