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Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Here’s some interesting and varied articles making the rounds you might not have caught otherwise:

The Sarah Palin Report. 83 isn’t just the year she dropped out of University of Idaho, it’s apparently also her IQ. Not sure if this is on the level- even if it is, it’s not going to convince anyone who wasn’t already convinced about Sarah Palin.

Hillary in the primaries: “Sadly, Republicans will bring up Ayers.” McCain: “Hillary said we should all be talking about Ayers.”

File it under “Do you think we’re idiots?”– Sarah Palin says she’s been ‘an open book’ and have had to answer questions ‘every day.’

Sappy, but cute: Yes We Can Hold Babies, a blog dedicated entirely to Obama hanging out with adorable babies. That ka-PROW noise is from millions of ovaries exploding.

Some of the PUMAs are actually still at it, thinking they are relevant. I won’t link ’em here, since I don’t want to drive any more traffic this way, but they assure us that “SoeterObama” is about to be indicted by the Federal Government in a RICO case involving ACORN- alongside Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Donna Brazile, et cetera- a laundry list of people they don’t like. Maybe McCain/Palin have been taking their strategery sessions in campaigning from these folks- what d’ya think?

Despite pledges by President Bush to the contrary, the NSA eavesdrops, records and shares US officers’ pillow-talk and phone sex calls with their spouses back home. To protect our freedoms, of course.

Glenn Beck says there are still a lot of excuses you can use to cover up your racist vote against Obama. I’m still waiting for him to come up with a list of reasons why he shouldn’t be considered a blow hard by anyone withing ear shot.


  1. I’d peg Palin above 83, but not above 115.  Nothing particularly wrong with either of those – it’s a properly functioning human level, and that’s saying quite a lot – but neither lend themselves to parallel-processing numerous complex, evolving, heavily-nuanced issues.

    McCain’s an buffoon (also within that 95-115 range).

    Those are pretty pictures. :~)  McCain with a baby is a scary one (somebody dug one up once, he looked uncomfortable as hell).


    “We’re from the government, we’re here to help.”  As part of my constant mulling over issues related to my career I wander back and forth across the issue of the gov’t collecting info to “protect us”.  I know lots of those gov’t folks fretting with that info, and I trust them with my life (we all do).  Some of the politicians – not so much.

    Glenn.  Glenn, Glenn, Glenn.  Before the election cycle, when I was ranting on Canadian public radio about the smothering nanny-state approach up there and Glenn was saying much the same on CNNHN, I liked to listen to him.  Now he just sounds like a ranting idiot.  Is that my perspective changing, or his?

  2. This is too funny not to share.

    Wily Trax has this one:

    Sarah Palin may not have made it to Washington yet, but she’s already trying to change things.

    “When I visited the White House recently I noticed that they had a glass ceiling there, and it had about 18 million cracks in it….So I fixed it.”

    Visit Wily, it’s running deep and strong in that one.

  3. NavyBlueWife

    I won’t link ’em here, since I don’t want to drive any more traffic this way,

    I’m a little slow (hopefully not Sarah slow), but what is the worry here?

    And I know that there is a love of love for dKos (me included)(saw your diary over there too, Brit–good one) but MAN! it is hard to get noticed on there…mine was up on the main page for about 45 minutes with 70 tips, lots of comments, and what I thought was a good amount of recs, but as soon as it moved to the more than 50 page it was SILENT….seems like a lot of good things get lost over there if you aren’t constantly watching….

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