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Amazing numbers out of Ohio- no wonder it’s turning blue!

Josh Orton over at MyDD pointed me in the direction of these stunning numbers from Marc Ambinder.

In the ABC News / Washington Post poll of Ohio, 37% of those who made it through the likely voter screen said they had been contacted by the Obama campaign in some way or another. That’s ten points higher than the number who say they’ve been contacted by the McCain campaign.

And adding in e-mails or texts, the Obama figure rises to 43% of voters — probably a record for a presidential campaign.

Damn. Almost half of all likely voters in Ohio has been contacted by the Obama campaign. I’m starting to wonder what the dividends the ground game Obama has been building are going to pay off. Maybe it already has, considering the impact of this statement…


  1. I’m going by the local Obama office in a few minutes. I think I’ll take the camera and see if I can get a few photos for MM.

    In the meantime,  here is a feel-good video for all of you.

  2. sricki

    by Obama’s outreach efforts. It was something I only grudgingly respected during the primaries, but which I couldn’t be gladder for these days.

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