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Montani Semper Liberi (Fio Cerule)

(Considering the epic loss Obama had in West Virginia during the primaries, I thought this deserved to be bumped from the diaries. – promoted by ragekage)

Mountaineers are Always Free (to turn Blue).


Okay, my Latin is atrocious, so feel free to correct my Google-Fu translation.  More importantly, get a load of this ARG poll of 600 likely voters in West Virginia:  Obama 50%, McCain 42%.

Okay, we know ARG pretty much sucks, but given the trends we’re seeing elsewhere, do ya’ll think it’s possible to flip WV back to blue?

Any thoughts?


  1. ragekage

    As everyone seems to indicate he has, then he has to have made gains in West Virginia, too. How much is another question. I know the race in West Virginia was tightening up- the question was how much? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Apparently, the same as in Virginia, Sarah Palin just didn’t sit well. Couple that with the economy, and ba-ching!

  2. DCDemocrat

    With regard to the West Virginia poll, ARG used a lesser percentage of Democrats (55%) and a greater percentage of Republicans (35%) in their survey than what was the actual voter turnout in the 2004 election (58-30) when George Bush won. The ARG poll well may be real, and it may speak to a movement in the country toward an electoral landslide.

  3. sanguine giant

    on ARG I will point out they were spot on in West Virginia in the primary.

    Maybe ARG should stick with polling WV and let other pollsters go into places like MN.

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