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Pre-Debate Open Thread : Thanks, but no thanks! On that soul to nowhere! (live stream links inside)

I went throught the intertubes and dug up some links for our everexpanding international readers. I’m also thinking about those who are stuck and work and have no way of seeing the debate on TV. Welcome all!

I was bored by the first debate, and with the Biden and Palin debate. I don’t expect anything new this time either. So I’ve decided that just for kicks, I’m going to watch from the live streams and review them for future use ( I’ll just probably tell you which I liked better).

On TV, in my opinion, the CNN graph thingy is fierce. At least CNN is forced to drive the narrative with their “poll” and it has usually correlated decently with the post debate polls. It makes it more intersting as well. Watch how if dips everytime McFailin says “Maverick” or goes negative.

Fun times.


Let’s get this poppin!




ABC (yahoo)

New York Times (homepage)

This is what John McCain has become. Substitute Borat with McFailin and see what I think of these turds.

Think about all those recent events you’ve had. Remember that birthday party? Remember how your buddy Abe kept doing his Borat impression? What about your great aunt’s funeral? Remember how Abe was doing the Borat impression at that one, too? Well let me tell you something about memories: they fade. You might remember your friend Abe screaming “Eez nice! I like!” at various inapproriate events today, but what about tomorrow? Will you remember his dated pop culture references in a few years? Will you even remember Borat at all? You might read a passing reference to Borat in some general interest magazine ten years from now and be like, “That reminds me of something, but I can’t remember what.” Then your friend Abe will be like, “I from Kazakhstan! I have sex with my sister!” and you’ll be like “WHO THE F@!# ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!?”

An Obama/Biden landslide?

Eez nice.

Reasons why you don’t want more of the same.

Will Durst – Preach it!

Chris Rock and Bill Maher He’s off the pipe!


Stevie Wonder Signed, Sealed and Delivered


  1. vet75

    Cindy McCain, startlingly, tells a Tennessee newspaper that Obama has “waged the dirtiest campaign in American history.”

    You can’t really begrudge spouses their outrage, but … neither of these guys is even running the dirtiest campaign of the last few cycles, before we get to the things they said about Thomas Jefferson.

    By Ben Smith 08:09 PM

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