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Please Forgive My Absence. (I do not have personal news)

Ok maybe a little personal news, but what is that saying? If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all…


The election seems to be going well. Wouldn’t wanna be McCain or Palin right now. I think Minnesota is going to be fine and it seems as if we are poised to make significant gains in Congress throughout the nation this fall.

Unless something truly bizarre happens, like say McCain croaks, and God tells every American personally that Palin is the new Jesus Christ (and they buy it), I think Obama will win the election in November.

I do not know if the bailout was a good idea. Does anyone? Isn’t that the problem? I believe that we must punish republicans and Democrats who brought us here again. Will we learn this time? Will we survive?

Oh, and I am still really worried that stupid will do something…well stupid, before leaving office. Something REALLY fucked up batshit crazy stupid. And if he does, will we all step outside of our homes, somehow get to Washington, and pull that fucker out of the White House by his ears? Oh and do not forget Cheny. How many more days in hell GrassrootsOrganizer?

Now I did say that I would give a bit of personal news. I must say I have not been doing well lately. I cannot say much about this, but I had a rather horrible incident occur two months ago that I have not yet recovered from physically or emotionally.

The worst thing has been my inability to concentrate on much of anything and a terrible writers block. I had computer problems over this past week and I think that losing the ability to communicate here helped me get some of my interest back. We shall see.

That is all the news that is fit to print from Holliwood. I will now go back to watching the MSM in slackjawed amazement.


  1. fogiv

    Glad to see you popping back up.  You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.  Heh.  Keep writing, even if it just white noise, it will all come back.

    Be well!

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