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John McCain is a volatile guy

John McCain spent some time being interviewed by the editorial board of the The Des Moines Register.  Clearly, he’s not a happy camper.

We have heard that he has a temper, and here it’s on display.  I think it’s useful that we remember the testimony of the former POW who observed McCain was known in the detention center as a very “volatile guy”:


  1. GrassrootsOrganizer

    This interview dovetails nicely into my theory that McCain is in this only because he believes he’s earned the right to be president — that he deserves the position and Obama doesn’t.  My sense is he felt his POW time made him a hero and heroes deserve whatever they want from the country.  Then Bush screwed him out of his perfect run in 2000 when he was on top of his game and would have won handily with widespread public approval. but instead he was forced to eat shit and kiss Bush ass and choose this piece of fundamentalist eye-candy for his VP to get what he deserves building up one huge bug-eyed head of barely contained resentment in the process, as evidenced in this interview.

    He’s sarcastic and snide and barely maintaining civility — he sounds and looks like the Nicholson Joker or Dirty Harry right before he hauls off on you.    

    I think his whole “honor/dishonor victory” mantra doesn’t begin and end in Iraq.  He sees his own defeats and victories as dishonor/honor moments.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall of his campaign inner office right now.  

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