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Hey, Ohio, History is Calling

(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama)

Early voting starts today in the great state of Ohio.  No Republican ever in the history of the United States has won the presidency if he did not win Ohio, so we Democrats would be very grateful and glad to see 20 blue Ohio electoral votes.  

This year, Ohioans can vote early without having to provide a reason.  Ohio hopes to prevent the disaster it had in 2004 when long lines prevented many voters from getting to the polls.  Every Ohioan who is registered can vote early.  Moreover, registration continues right up till October 6, so for a short time, unregistered Ohioans can register and vote in person on the same day.  Let’s get those Obama votes in the can and start moving the GOTV effort down the field to an Obama victory on November 4.  

Listen to Barack Obama tell you what he needs you to do to turn Ohio blue:

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