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Omens and Polls

We’re tired.  Since Baby Jack came home, sleep has been largely elusive.  Our waking hours this weekend have been spent hovering over the baby, cooing.  When not contorting our faces into sloppy exaggerated grins and speaking in high-pitched baby talk, we’re plodding about like zombies, staring blankly at television, or surfing the blogs.

We try to rest when the baby does, so I was more than slightly grumpy when I had to drag my disheveled self from bed yesterday morning to answer an insistent doorbell.


I was slightly curt with the Jehovah’s Witnesses gathered on my doorstep as I took the pamphlet they offered and shoo’d them away.  After I glanced at the cover of their spiritual propoganda, I broke into a sustained giggle:

All Suffering SOON TO END!

An Omen!  Is that Barack and Michelle on the cover?  Look at that bountiful fall harvest.  Check out the Moose! Are these Jehovah’s Witnesses onto something?  If today’s batch of polls are any indication, they are (if only coincidentally).

As Beltway Dem and our own DCDemocrat (one and the same) have diligently point out, Obama/Biden is sitting pretty with a 5 to 8 point lead in the daily trackers.

So to review, the four tracking polls show the following today:

Diageo Hotline: Obama, +5

Rasmussen: +6

Research 2000/Daily Kos: +7

Gallup Daily: +8

Is America’s suffering under the yoke of Republican (mis)governing soon to end?  I think so, but we’ve still got a lot of work to do to get Obama elected before we can get started on solving the many problems we face as a nation. Remember, we’re in the home stretch now:  less than 40 days until election time.  Now cut that in half.

About one-third of U.S. voters – a record number – could cast ballots for president before Election Day on Nov. 4, voting that starts in earnest Monday [9/22/08].

Statewide, residents of Virginia, Kentucky and Georgia can begin casting their ballots for Barack Obama, John McCain or other presidential candidates.

Experts predict up to a third of the electorate will vote early this year, up from 15 percent in 2000 and 20 percent in 2004. In closely contested Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico, about half the voters are expected to cast ballots before Nov. 4. Florida could be near to 40 percent.

This battle is well underway.  Let’s get to work!


  1. Is it this website? Are we really part of the rapture?

    One thing I have to give Jehovah’s witnesses, though I basically loathe these kind of batshit crazies who want to the world to end so it can get better (?), they are, at least in the UK, a very diverse, eclectic group, and you sense none of that latent tribal exclusiveness you get from other sects.

    However, they are all batshit crazy, but worth having a cup of tea with, and then corrupting


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